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Subject: PPR request
  Question to all the people who post sensibly on this forum,

I applied Jan 2004 and got an email saying "File for finalization early 2006".

IA Nov 2004
Medicals August 2005
Interview waived
2 Masters degrees from USA
Delayed the medicals 11 months because i was pregnant
and then added baby

Last month i received a letter from CIC saying that "PLease submit medicals immediately". Then the next week they said that medicals have been received.

I changed my job this month. Is it necessary to send the new job´s paperwork to the CIC at this point. Or should i just wait for "Early 2006" to see what happens?

Thank you
Anonymous Number 2

Anonymous Number 2
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If it were me, I would sit tight. Lord knows what they might do with new information--put you to the back of the line for a new security check?

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I agree with Tim. There is no need to send new information at this point.
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Annoymous #2...did you solicit information from CIC or they responded to you on their own!


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I got the letter from Buffalo asking for medicals. Then i emailed them to find out whether they received the medicals and they said that it was received.
At teh same time i got the email which said "File for finalization early 2006"

Anonymous Number 2

Anonymous Number 2
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