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Subject: need help please?
  Hey everyone

this is my story, I am sponsoring my husbund from mexico to come to canada. He is in mexico now, and i am in canada. i sent the package to cic canada just over a month ago....... a month tommorow it has been at cic. should i get the letter soon stating that the application has gone to the canadian embassy in mexico city, which is my approval letter as a sponsor. i am not doing in canada family class, it is the other sponsoring, the one were he is in his home land and i being the sponsor is in canada. i am a canadian citizen.

I can not check the status of my application because i don´t have the file number yet, and i paid the fees at a bank not on line.

thanks for your wonderful help
have an awsome day

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Did you try accessing the file online using the receipt number that you got in the package? It does not matter whether you pay online or at a bank, if the receipt number is not in their database as yet you will not be able to get any information.

Online payment simply means you paid by credit card, a unique receipt id is generate for the payment. When you received the application package the receipt that you paid with at the bank has a unique receipt id and you should be able to use that to access e-cas.

Try and let´s know if you are able to get any information, remember the processing time at Mississauga is now 39 days, so with it being just over a month, they might not have entered your receipt in the computer as yet.

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Be has only been ONE month.... it takes some time..... you may get a letter soon or not. You just have to keep waiting. The standard time for approval is 39 days or something like that and sometimes some cases take longer. Patience is a virtue and the case if CIC, it really does help if you do not keep thinking about the process day by day. It will make you ill and stressed and your life will not be enjoyable.
All will be OK.

Good luck

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