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Subject: Rough idea needed
  My interview has been waived. They have asked me to submit my medical, PCC, and personal worth. The first two are straight forward and I am working on them. The personal worth part is unclear to me. Do I have to bring the savings that I show on the form?? Should I show everything that I have?? What is it like?? And they want this in 90-days. But want the ROPR fees with in 60-days. I am not clear with these statements. Can anyone help out please?? Apoligies for the long question!!

Thanks folks.

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Your personal net worth is a form in which you fill in declaring the amount of funds you will be bringing in Canada. This must be accompanied by proof of funds such as bank certificates and certified true copies of your passbook for the past 12 months.
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Plz share your time line and where you applied.

Best luck

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Time line (in reply to: Rough idea needed)
1. Appln filed in July 2002 at CHC Office.
2. AOR Received: Sept 2002.
3. Request for IELTS score from CHC: Oct.2003.
4. Addn. of new born child as dependant: Dec 2003.
4. Dead line for IELTS Score submission: April-16, 2004.
5. Submitted IELTS Score, proof of funds, addl docs: April 2004.
6. Updated change in Employment: July 2004.
7. Interview waiver received: Sept. 02, 2004.
8. Medical submission deadline: Nov 2004.
9. PCC/ Personal worth submission deadline: Dec 2004.

Hope this helps. The appln was submitted in Asia and has not been transferred anywhere too.

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Thanks and best luck
Romantic Warrior
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