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Subject: Live in caregiver - Need advices and help
  I came here thru a program call "Live in cregiver", I am working as a caregiver for 8 months.Last few months I met a girl and we want to live together - common law.Therefore next month I want to break my contract to move with her.She talked with those guys from CIC and they told her that I have to find another job other than caregiver and then get the approve from HRDC, so that we can live together.
They said also I can apply for my residence after living one year with her -- common law.
But I talked with some ppl and they told me its not like that.I don`t know what to do.
thank you very much

re-caregiver program (in reply to: Live in caregiver - Need advices and help)
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am from Sri Lanka, and like to work as caregiver in Canada, and I already did my high school education, and now like to work in Canada as a Caregiver, so please can you find a family for me to work as a Caregiver for them, if you do this for me, I am very thankfull to you.

I am expecting your favourable reply soon,



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Hello! Im from Philippines working as a live-in caregiver in toronto Ontario,i came here dated Oct.21,2008.i got my new working permit just first week or feb,2009. My husband has been employed in manitoba only end week of february 2009 as a bucher in a storage farm having multiple visa and with two years contract.According to him he can sponsor our children and me as well but we need to stay in his place but my question is, Can i move to his place in manitoba and shift my field of work(live in caregiver) into different line of work. What are the difference between his status and my status
Clarisa D.Diaz (in reply to: Live in caregiver - Need advices and help)
Hi..I came here in Vancouver last Sept 25,2007 and my relatives sponsor and now i have my new employer and i work with them for a year now..and hopefully by next year i can work on to my permenent residence here but i have a problem me and my relitive who sporsor me has a problem and right now they dont want to issue me a record of employment which i really needed in the time that i would apply for my PR by next year is there any other option for me to appy even without that ROE..but i may tax when i am still with them..thank you and i hope you could help me to find answer to my problem...
Gertrudes Viaje
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