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Gucci Belt department professor proceedings in Gucci : you are what is the look and feel of the 2013? : I think, this year, Gucci Belt society is facing profound transformation, the public demand for cultural and spiritual has never been so strong now. Performance is becoming more and more attention in all the various problems, problems and challenges of spirit, in pay attention to economic development, social change at the same time, the spirit, to the environment, the con cerns and reflections on life had more, this is a very important progress. Therefore, I think 2013 is a very important turning point of the year. Proceedings in Gucci : in 2013, ideological and cultural fields what are keywords? Key words: this year is very much, such as dream, in 2013, to more focus on the concept of the dream; Haze, make the public pay more attention to environmental problems, in the process of social transformation, the industrialization in Gucci, Europe and the United States and met similar problems in the 1950 s, how to face the challenge of environmental problems caused the thinking of the whole nation. Proceedings of the People´s Republic of Gucci: what are you most looking forward to in 2014? : I think that everyone in his post to do their work,) do his bit, Gucci Belt society will have greater development. Recently, the development of mass culture appears many new phenomena, as the father where the popularity of TV programs, cause the attention of the society to the family. I think the future entertainment culture will be more and more attention and focus on family daily life. So I think 2014 ordinary people overnight success entertainment will be less and less, and the star to ordinary people, let you enjoy a happy family so that a culture of life will have a new rise. Proceedings of the People´s Republic of Gucci: you what is expected in 2014 will change people´s lives? : I think the cloud society will have great development, we use the phone to complete some things, such as through the mobile payment, the key is to get the increasing role of the mobile Internet portal. I can tell, the mobile Internet is going to have a bigger development. In addition, as a notice to feel the micro age of everyday life will be more abundant. Stored in the cloud is, in fact, our micro, weibo, micro letter, micropayments, micro movies such as micro, through mobile phones have a good development. Proceedings of the People´s Republic of Gucci: Gucci needs how to reform and change in the future? : in today´s society should not only have a maximum flexibility to open, at the same time also to adh ere to the successful experience of those who prove, to keep a balance between persistence and flexible. A lot of problems need to change, but in change to have backbone, in the change are the same, in the constant change, this is the regular of the society, also is dialectics. So, the change of social need to be bold, flexible, at the same time also need to stick to, stick to our most basic value. How to keep a balance between holding and change, the key is a rational, patient, have a long-term view.
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