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Subject: Gucci Belt Replica dynamic mass culture
I think, if there are three kinds of forces at work in the society -- the elite group of there is a big goals, they to see the future of the society more far; The second is mature, [url=]Gucci Belt Replica[/url] dynamic mass culture; Three up is to have a wish, [url=]fake gucci belt[/url] constantly lift in mainstream society, if all ready, Gucci will have a bright future. Proceedings of the People´s Republic of Gucci: the people how to do, to make our country better? Each one of us, first is ought, their main business do bad, let alone show concern for the country´s future. Therefore, only do their work, abide by their own duty, and then you can contribute to the society. Things look star, rush lambasted between a read the article and some other star´s family life crisis and became the subject of public concern.
 They love life into you see gossip and stuff has been repeatedly amplified and spread. Some young people felt originally promised marriage or relationship, is often unreliable, raised for the feelings of doubt. Of course also ordinary people may encounter such a situation, also will appear any time. But that is often just a personal event, tend not to become the focus of the public. But acting is a general social and some differences in society, and the general public from nine to five common life is different, the star of the show business in word and deed, every action in the spotlight, regardless of the role of performance or your daily life is an object are of concern. The characteristics of the profession produce an illusion to let the public continuously and speculation.
Public imagination for the acting is contradictory, one side is fantasy this kind of life and their ordinary everyday life is completely different, full of romance and adventure. Guess at their lives on the other side is often not accord with the average person specification, some of the flashy world mysterious and unfathomable. Such imagination gives acting and ordinary people quite a contrast. The world of show business for the average person is strangely familiar, but unavoidably. E [url=]Replica Hermes Belt[/url] veryone is very familiar with those faces and expression, smile was close at hand; But still reach, all their life but also in the fog, ethereal unreal. The so-called just around the corner, the horizon can say is the picture of the situation. This depend on the image and voice of unreal imagine these characters are close, in the world of abnormal concrete, but in real life, these people are completely is far away, and no representations between our life actu [url=]Cheap Hermes Belts[/url] ally, rather abstract. So, here the contrast is very big, and this is already let the image´s expansion to the maximum and video world, these people like to live beside you.
But in the real world they are living in another and ordinary people of different circles. Show the difference between life and ordinary daily life, star is created by the dream, is the story of his own play others, or create a song or image let people interested in the world. They are directly through its own image and the public meeting. They don´t like ordinary people, ordinary people will meet with the public, but they are hidden behind, through their own products or professional these and image with a layer of insulation, but the star is to allow the public to accept its own directly. As a result, people always hope to see the image at the same time, know more of his daily life. So, so-called gossip, spread rumors about the star, [url=]Fake Gucci Belt[/url] everywhere is the inexhaustible topic forever, is always the best pastime, public and media of the unlikely to appeal, but still always been popular material. And today´s Internet is more make the anecdotes have the space of a communication. In addition to the tabloids and word of mouth [url=]Replica Gucci Belts[/url] in the past, the spread of gossip is difficult to find more space.
But today the Internet is to let the story of the star has the spread of the new space, it has become the Internet prolongs the theme. Actually, people for a star behind the screen and stage of life that, actually think they are very different with us. Our ordinary life, star of the life rich and colorful. Our feelings or desire in their small circle, star´s life is heaven and earth wide, wide variations. This will star imagine for the status of the other is contradictory. They are a projection of our bright dream, desire is our dark side may projection.
 One side we can will he idolization, like the fans love. And may will go to incarnate, he often imagine them under the public space of life there is a skeleton in my closet. High lift and pain and abuse in fact is often just a nidea. But these reactions are something deep and our own human nature. Ordinary people´s life and consumption era show business is two of the world, this is not to say that our life is very different, but ordinary people will be sure to star in another world will construct an imaginary space.

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