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Subject: As is known to all
As is known to all, a fight with a mere beating there, whose nature is to, by post-processing is concerned, the former is often in the 50 large plate, while the latter is clear, responsibility clearly. From known fact, black and white has long been clear - a group of angry men dressing, armed with the shovel, axes, steel pipe, sabre, etc., cut the melon cutting into unarmed workers. Heyuan has the tone was set for this fight, its the heart of the bias is very obvious. In fact as early as the beginning of the incident, heyuan justifying a fault was faintly visible. LeiMingZhong migrant workers were killed, with breathing machine still rescue, the doctor says: in order to deal with things, temporarily not dead. If not get concerned directed by a doctor wouldn´t consider this situation. The essence of the local protectionism is a combination of capital and power, in the context of the GDP only supreme reality, some local officials to capital running dogs even accomplice, such events are common, in May this year, the Inner Mongolia autonomous region model, right flag in the form of official document suggest court a major suspect zhen-feng li mitigated punishment, its reason is: li mining company made a positive contribution to the local economic development. The capital is rising through the sail of power, at the same time in the rapid expansion of even have a political voice. Ironically, heyuan event hit and party boss, fuyuan group chairman MiaoShouLiang once as a CPPCC member in 2004 on the national annual puts forward to establish long-term effective mechanism of wage arrears for migrant workers. In a well developed market economy system, personal fortune dream and enterprise profit nature constitute a sustained economic growth, the government´s duties mainly lies in the maintenance of market order, balance the relationship between different interest subjects, and fair and just to be a good referee. Now some local officials, its profit impulse, far more than general entrepreneurs to originally colorless insipidity capital daub on the terrorist bloody taste. This situation must be changed. Yesterday afternoon, the city of kunming lurking on guaranteed small loans work meeting. After the meeting, the city of kunming on guaranteed small loans will be in 14 counties (city, area) start at the same time. Previously, lurking officially to entrust the bank of Replica Versace Belt, yunnan dianchi lake in kunming, road branch on guaranteed small loans, including college graduates and retired personnel of unemployment of come off sentry duty, retired soldiers, venture funding. Since then, the city of kunming on guaranteed small loans to cover all the registered urban unemployed personnel to kunming. This means that the poor can borrow money in the bank. Speaking of small loans, can not fail to mention a person - the 2006 Nobel peace prize laureate bankers muhammad yunus, Bangladesh.
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