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Yunus, known as banker to the poor, and since the 80 s, he and the grameen bank he founded has been committed to provide the world´s poor and grassroots small loans, to help them out of poverty to become rich. The successful experience of yunus lent money to the poor broke the little to exist in the financial world for a long time practice, so some people think that he should be awarded the Nobel Prize in economics. But the author thought that the Nobel peace prize to him. Given the Nobel peace prize committee award one of the reason is: lasting peace is only found in a large number of population out of poverty method will only be possible, microcredit is such a method. 1998 Nobel laureate in economics amartya sen believes that the poor are poor, because his rights are deprived. In my understanding, the poor are deprived of the right to have: the right to education, employment rights, do a decent person´s rights in society, and so on. Moreover, a social inequality and there are a lot of poor people, is not caused by the poor themselves lazy and incompetent, but because there is something wrong with the system design of this society, the poor could not find the path out of poverty and opportunities. In a society of many system design, the financial system in today´s era, apparently, is particularly important. In the labor force as a kind of can advance after wealth, personal credit will result, but for a long time, the bank of personal credit is the premise of stable occupation and income, which is why apply for housing mortgage loan are required to provide proof of income by the unit´s reason. The unemployed and the poor, such as city, failed to poor college students employment, etc., often do not have a stable occupation and income, and who had been excluded from the door of personal credit. As mentioned above, the poor are in a dilemma in the employment is not all of its own reason, to a large extent is the system design of the society deprived of their rights. Therefore, citing the poor no stable occupation and income deprived of its credit rights, only compounded the poor into, through, this is obviously unfair. Banks are reluctant to lend money to the poor, on the one hand, because of the poor have no possibility of the mortgage goods, on the other hand is derived from a hypothetical premise: the poor are poor because indolence, do not speak credit, lend money to they don´t trust. In fact, these two reasons are not established. One of, if admit that Labour is can advance the wealth, the Labour of the poor and the rich labor force, there is no essential difference between both can be used as collateral.
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