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We are delighted to see that for there are countless love are gushing to pu ´er earthquake disaster area, in the shortest possible time, the people in the disaster area basically done with food, water, clothing, sick can heal in time
The people in the disaster area got the material support of people from all walks of life, also listening to the prime minister of the republic of spirit to encourage, in xinping village elementary school NingEr hani yi nationality autonomous county,
Also said to then came to the villagers, pu-erh tea mountains stand tall, pu people are still there
As long as we unite as one, united struggle, they must be able to overcome the disaster! Why always full of tears in your eyes? Because I love this land so deeply
Premier wen jiabao have used contemporary poet ai qing´s poem to express his sincere love to the country and people
Today, the fellows in the earthquake zone in pu ´er pairs of grateful tears, we close once again felt the prime minister´s broad mind and the feelings of compassion
We believe that a region of the people in the disaster area will bear in mind that premier wen jiabao told talk, in the loving care of the CPC central committee and the state council and selfless help from all sectors of society, from the ruins of the earthquake and the pain bravely stood up, build up confidence and rebuild their homes
The rising prices of pork and eggs, after the tumult of kunming city authorities recently suggested banning 46 food street and become citizens hot topic
Eating in Replica Versace Belt has never been a small thing, really be called social phenomena
I work to kunming soon, this two years living in the unit dormitory, eat in the canteen, seldom cook at ordinary times, at the weekend to cook a bowl of egg noodles, basic don´t go to market, in some old food street child should split on the issue of this have no voice
Just recently purchased a new residential area in the zone housing, has entered the stage of decoration, went to the new home a few times, also began to worry for the upcoming new life: walk from the village to the nearest to a small vegetable market through the 4 street, after three traffic lights junction, [url=]cheap ferragamo belts[/url] it takes at least 20 minutes´ walk
Think again two years my parents plan to come to life in kunming, with their physical condition, back and forth to buy a food have to spend an hour on the road
Even if the old man doesn´t care about spend more time, I also worry they will be hit by a car crossing the road
Communicate with several just buying a friend a just know, almost all of them face the same problem - kunming new vill [url=]ferragamo belt cheap[/url] age farmers´ markets are scarce, residents generally feel to buy food
It makes me to kunming, well known for its livable city have some other ideas
I believe that many and I am from a strange land defected to the spring city of arms have the same hope: we are here to enjoy better enjoy the secular life, rather than come here to do an out-of-touch mountain gods
In my opinion, including schools, [url=]replica ferragamo belt[/url] hospitals, supermarkets, farmers market, sports venues, facilities with public welfare nature, should be regarded as the city´s public facilities
Will market (whether traditional farmer´s market is still in fresh supermarket) the planning of construction and management in the hope of real estate developers or property company is not reality, is not honest, the so-called public welfare means a nonprofit or small profits, this does not accord with the profit-seeking nature of business
Therefore, solve the problems of the new district residents buy vegetables, the government´s responsibility is first
In a realistic context, Replica Versace Belt´s real estate development and construction of the government can´t just selling land to developers make taxpayers´ money, regardless of the livelihood of the taxpayer
Theoretically, the government in the planning and approval of the new residential area, it should be considered for the community residents with necessary for basic life such as schools, [url=]ferragamo belt replica[/url] hospitals, vegetable market public facilities

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