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Subject: replica ferragamo belt very good communication
To vegetable market, after the completion of the operation and management still can´t be lack of the hand of the government, such as at a relatively low rent and barriers to entry to absorb vegetable farmers comes into play, strengthen supervision to ensure fair trade, etc
, if the committee is to completely, even buy vegetables difficult problem is solved, residents will face the pain of expensive to buy food
I was in front of your friends in salvatore Versace to show off the low cost of living in kunming, the four seasons are spring, don´t need to buy air conditioning; Every day can eat fresh vegetables and fruits, don´t have to buy a refrigerator

And now, I was planning to add to his new home a large capacity of more than 200 liters of refrigerator, in order to store enough to support a week of vegetables
Living is trying to blend in kunming as a foreigner, I hope this trouble less and less, the city could bring people more worth showing off of capital
Recently with a few friends to enjoy dinner, a young woman look looks, and eloquent, [url=]replica ferragamo belt[/url] very good communication with people
When asked about her career, and you´ll know the original do a tour guide in a travel agency, recently resigned people selling computers, there is no regular job
And asked her why she resigned, the woman replied, and want to make more money and don´t want to be the black heart, had to quit
Want to make more money have to terminating - the woman answered the nail illustrates the current status of the universal survival guide professional
It is well known that can guide the due to take kickbacks, [url=]replica salvatore ferragamo belt[/url] and the source of the rebate is mainly the tour group to travel the so-called chargeable and fixed point in the process of shopping, tuxedo tourists so cheated, take out big money events abound
Why are the tour guide is keen to get commission? Because of its tour before the number to the travel agency to handsomely reward - sounds a bit bloody, seemingly linchong on liangshan become an outlaw when paying the warlords, the so-called reward, is refers to the travel agency took a tour group to a guided tour, not only to give the tour guide salary, bonus, also asked the tour guide should according to the number of the regiment several RMB due to travel
At present our country reward, generally between 10 t [url=]cheap ferragamo belt[/url] o 50 yuan/person
And what this means is that if in the process of tour guide, not by a designated shopping and so on could [url=]ferragamo belt replica[/url] damage the behavior of tourists get enough kickbacks, don´t say zheng rations, lane is bad to their jobs will be smashed
This is obviously a very typical white slavery
Reward problem reflects the tour guide and travel agency in the tourism industry of our country a relationship of deformity, and opposition to Replica Versace Belt´s labor law and other relevant laws and regulations, as an industry in the prevailing hidden rules, to be hurt
This year on April 1 in lijiang tour guide chop down a person incidents, we can see the ghost reward - all accompany with the local guide for travel and controversial, eventually leading to accompany the spirit out of control, all were hurt, it is folk spoils

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