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Subject: cheap ferragamo belts corrupt officials
Almost no officials from past experience, because the individual crime huge property´s unclear source by their doppelgangers, [url=]cheap ferragamo belts[/url] corrupt officials, [url=]ferragamo belt cheap[/url] and mostly has the crimes such as embezzlement, bribery, out when the first and then pull out the turnip out of the mud, was found to be a lot to check the property of the unknown also couldn´t say for sure.
That is to say, if other crimes of corrupt officials is not found, the judicial organ or the people that are hard to proof has many unknown property effectively.
The crime of huge property´s unclear source of embarrassment when sentencing - due to obtain evidence difficult against suspected crimes from legal principles, in reason, and not allow corrupt escape legal sanctions, [url=]ferragamo belt replica[/url] had to be lenient sentence.
To completely change the judicial embarrassment, but also is to establish a perfect officials property declaration and publicity system, let the property of the officials in the light from the start.
Say again the collective corruption.
Of the National People´s Congress standing committee, vice secretary of party´s original Liu Xirong suggest set up charges for collective corruption alone, because he according to their own long-term experience of disciplinary inspection, found that collective blatant corruption, is not legally binding.
This is really a strange thing, corruption as a public officer did not let the law and the moral crime, there is no individual and group, is like a grain of rice is rotten rotten, and even into the storehouse of 10 meters rot and decay, while the latter is obviously harm is greater.
Our existing laws punish corruption corruption is not only for the individual, [url=]replica ferragamo belt[/url] the collective corruption is obvious and is not legally binding, because the bureaucrats shield one another when the collective corruption occurs make our law enforcers have lost in the heart of the criterion, and FaBuZeZhong traditional cognition.
So, the existence of the problem is not because the law is not sound, but because of law enforcement.
Finally say said human flesh search.
This sounds like some of the terrorist actually is only the name of the Internet users access to information of a tool, it itself is no sin.
Is just like a kitchen knife, it can be used to cut food, also can be used to kill people, we can not because it can kill people will all the people who take a kitchen knife jeopardy.

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