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on the one hand that which dregs still remains in some people´s mind, on the other hand, when power over system, which is the soil of resurrection. This reminded us to guard against which variant, it is no longer rely on god yu, but from the hand of power to run. Age of employment, the so-called father is actually a kind of relationship, to sustain which money and power. Blood can only represent one´s biological genes, probably has something to do with character and talent, but not natural decided to a person´s social value. The worst effects of which is to make all walks in a closed state, the rational flow of social stratum is a social important premise of realizing the orderly transformation, if the underlying social through their own efforts to achieve upward mobility of the channel is not smooth, which must be implied unpredictable risks and crisis. Recently state of human resources and social security worker to some controversial issues in the system of annual vacation made clear, among them, the new entrants to unit of choose and employ persons worker, the continuous working time can continuous working time with former unit, full 12 months can enjoy annual leave with pay. In addition, further defined as a calculation can leave days according to the cumulative working hours including the same worker working in a different unit full-time working time of the total. Literally see, this is good news. My work unit to implement the system of annual vacation with pay, since last year due to now the unit is only 3 years, in accordance with the regulations, I can enjoy five days of annual vacation with pay, if the ministry of the total work time new interpretation can implement to this unit, so has been working continuously in different units of 19 I can enjoy the 10 days of annual vacation with pay, and from next year is for 15 days. Seems everything is fine, but on second thought, [url=]fake ferragamo belt[/url] even if I can take 15 day, ability is still a problem. Currently has executive units of the system of annual vacation with pay, paid generally refers to the basic wages, and if the worker is on annual leave, generally regarded as a volunteer to give up. As is known to all, the basic salary is only a small part of the worker income in many units, for myself, if you don´t work for half a month, a monthly income of at least one-third shrink, considering that half of the monthly income to pay the mortgage to the bank, this annual leave of 15 days is not an easy thing. Such a figure is not very happy. Look from Internet message, there are quite a few people are less happy than I am, because in their life, there is no paid annual leave this Monday. Don´t save the so-called skin, hair stand, did not have the annual vacation with pay this piece of leather, regardless of the total work time this feather explain how light, [url=]replica ferragamo belt[/url] is meaningless. Shall come into force on January 1, 2008 of the regulations on the employee paid annual leave is considered to be of annual vacation with pay this right to write on the paper start from the legal provisions into the real life of Cheap Ferragamo Belt people, but look from the effect is not optimistic. Why there are a lot of, I think the important point is that paid leave is a cost: a person to paid holidays and pay someone to, leave someone doing work, a unit off more people and more or less will affect the work efficiency of the unit. At the end of the day, always someone for paid vacation pay. Here, also it is not hard to understand why public-sector workers pai [url=]cheap ferragamo belt[/url] d leave the most easy to implement, because of the reliable source of funds, local finance no unit will because spend the money and love. And in the enterprise, especially the private sector, it will be completely different. If I were a private boss, I don´t may is the employee paid holidays are likely to reduce spending and income calculated, I also think, the government paid vacation is fiscal money, after all is the taxpayers foot the bill, and I as a home will spend their own money to vacation pay for employees, with what ah? Although the employee paid annual leave regulations specified in the refused to carry out the unit of regulations by the relevant authorities shall order the deadline to correct, or apply to the people´s court for compulsory execution, but does not take a few days off to his boss to the relevant departments or court, after all, survival is the first. Just like me, even if can leave, also may volunteer to give up because of the worry less income.
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