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A week in the comment on the incident since long, online discussion is also very warm. Due to the event itself contains extremely rich amount of information, the people in the perspective of observing the case selection also each are not identical, such as network new police credibility, deceives real horse represents the perpetrators hu bin definition of crime and repeatedly mentioned the hatred of complex and so on. There´s a point where the surge of public opinion does not influence the judicial justice, worried that Mr. Hu will be slain by public opinion. In furious moment, there is such a sober judgment is rare, as for the case, the judge at the time the need to follow the criminal facts, the evidence and the application of law, not the identity of the perpetrators and victims. But the case is a common event, an important reason is that the victim tan zhuo is walking on the zebra crossing busy streets, had been hit by a motorcycle racing at a frantic pace of hu bin based on everyone to the reality of a zebra crossing, is the case in traffic offences or crime of endangering public security qualitative, [url=]replica ferragamo belt[/url] it is a matter of all the rights of man, it goes beyond the general case the trial result of meaning. From law to examine this event, we can also see a universal problem, which represented by Mr. Hu and Mr. Hu friend rich second generation has become the social problem of youths, they drove the car in the city, make out lives not actively rescue them, but talking and laughing, call smoking a cigarette, looked everywhere for relationship stands straight, the game of life and life behavior really hate like dirt. Hu bin´s family now face paying huge compensation, Mr. Hu himself will be severely punished by law, Mr. Hu parents half effort and hope in the human case likely suffer. It seems to be fulfilled the old saying: in three generations. Three generations is with Cheap Ferragamo Belt characteristics. Look at the Kennedy, ford, Rockefeller, Forbes, such as family, which have three generations of the failure? Look at Japan, start from the edo period is often a buying and selling, ever since. In the us, the black sheep of his family often beginning as early as the second generation of the outcrop. I think there is a very important reason, is our society has deep develop the tradition of the black sheep of his family, and this tradition was carried forward in the context of reality. Let som [url=]fake ferragamo belt[/url] e people become prosperous first to today, but only 30 years. In this age of heroes and heroines, most self-made rich generation, eaten too much bitter, all hope that their children will not eat the bitter, so rich second generation was without any struggle with their age cannot drive of wealth and human resources, for money, for life, for all things look too light. In addition, there are quite a few of the rich generation is rich people, their own wealth at the same time, the rapid growth of wealth ethics is necessary did not obtain the corresponding ascension, [url=]ferragamo belt cheap[/url] natural no experience and little mind to care and education of the next generation, they can give their children money to burn. These rich people are rich, but rich with no taste, take the motorcycle racing this behavior, as a way for young people to vent hormone, racing itself without fault, and for the motorcycle racing clan set up F1 race in the world, you want to get a special racing can track, run to the downtown to racing, can only be understood as to show off. Rich second generation as the black sheep of his family, in addition to rich generation family education failure, contributed to that is also a big reason of public power. Hangzhou drag racing case of rich kids didn´t care, after the deadly killed people like crush ant as if nothing had happened, they are fearless reason, is the belief that a trivial matter can easily handle through the use of the money and relationship. And we know that the balance of the human life, is the need to use a number of public power.
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