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Subject: replica versace belt but there is often government
The reason is that some of these cities enterprises from discharging pollutants into the wei river to exceed bid. In the news, said the tickets issued directly to the city environmental protection, even to the capital city is degrading, unprecedented in shaanxi province, is also a handful throughout the country. Obviously, this is the affirmation of shaanxi province which is a pioneering and positive value. In terms of macroscopic, the environmental protection department for city environmental protection bill do have positive significance, environmental problems take the government operation, the idea entirely correct, we ask that corporate social responsibility in terms of moral, including the responsibility of protecting the environment, but the profit is the nature of the enterprise, the first priority for the enterprise to make money, the government is entrusted by citizens taking on environmental responsibility is a risk-averse, this one; The second is, Daniel some major environmental pollution incident, despite the fact that more enterprises caused by illegal sewage, [url=]replica versace belt[/url] but there is often government oversight even indulge factors, that is to say, is the watchman didn´t good door, public accountability, of course to look for the government. This comes like a thief into the community, the owner must first accountability tube. But in terms of microcosmic, give the city a ticket it one size fits all is not well, it´s like disease root for the wrong prescription. From news, it has a triple function: one is economic sanctions, let the city hemorrhage, [url=]versace belt replica[/url] and a fine used in wei river pollution; Second, curing, urged government departments to learn your lesson, changing the concept of development, through punishing for better exposure mechanism, constraint for local governments on environmental pollution; 3 it is degrading, some local governments feel lose face. Xi ´an, for example, [url=]versace belt cheap[/url] is creating the provincial environmental protection model city, which claims to build in 10 international metropolis, this time on the blacklist of environmental protection, can presumably shame-awareness then yong. These drugs really can achieve? I think not. Fines of hundreds of thousands of dollars for a city is something, probably less than an enterprise pollution taxes for a month, the city government gave the tickets to polluting enterprises, believe that the latter will pay for it, if you have any tickets next time, just do the same thing. Even if the city bleeding, that is, by and for the environment pollution is the taxpa [url=]fake versace belt[/url] yer to pay, the municipal government the pain there will be no financial ruin. In addition, with a few hundreds of thousands of yuan into a river, a drop in the bucket. Xian dong jun, vice mayor said the tickets for our environmental protection touches is very big, it warns us combine pollution and transformation of the pattern of economic development.
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