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Watch social conscience of the media, journalists, known as the uncrowned king, seems to huacai all overnight, as never before them. In conspired to media and journalists, have indiscriminate public power, unscrupulous capital, now even the black evil forces joined the encirclement and suppression of media. The reporter is in the way of pursuing truth, carelessly, is wanted by or charged by sealing, crash... Danger is everywhere. [url=]replica versace belt[/url] As critics have pointed out, the reporters to report the news events belong to the professional conduct, reporters wanted wanted is media, moreover is the supervision by public opinion is wanted. When the supervision of public opinion become the object of publi [url=]cheap louis vuitton belts[/url] c power is wanted, responsibility and mission of the media will fundamentally shaken. Nanjing one official which allows you to live this sentence meaning, live as a modern media reported the truth and the implementation of supervision by public opinion in the usual way, is in the eyes of some people must go through the official authorization, otherwise, it is a kind of tampering battle with the government. As a journalism has nearly 20 years experience of media, the author had to repeat a civilized society common sense, namely the media supervision of public opinion is a kind of talent international media rights, it is not only required by the constitution, the law, but also the public´s right to know, to participate, [url=]versace belt cheap[/url] given by the expression, the right of supervision, is a natural and reasonable, lawful rights. Have a social conscience of the media and journalists are not praises, entertainment and the people as the main function, on the contrary, they are more often in revealing the dark side of society, in order to correct the world. Media outlook of value is to act as a mast, in time for the social and public risk early warning, if you are deprived of the right of supervision by public opinion, the media has lost the existence significance. Natural capital for profit, by hook or by crook to boycott the supervision of public opinion can be regarded as interest driven by instinct; Black evil forces under surrender to money to hand to the reporter is not difficult to understand, they have stood in the opposite of fairness and justice. When this moment, also bear the responsibility of the government in terms of maintaining social equity and justice should be exhausted all means to ensure the smooth implementation of the media supervision by public opinion function, to ensure that the legitimate rights and interests of the media and journalists and safe from harm, and strange, some local governments should use powerful and plausible legal public power, and even state violence, normal to fulfill their duties of supervision by public opinion of the media and journalists silenced, power and capital highly suspicious of colours is very obvious. This is the most terrible, [url=]cheap versace belt[/url] public power supervision by public opinion once join operation of camp, for truth and justice and the charge of media reporters lost body armor, may fall at any time. Not reported, defamation, damage the credibility of government is often as an excuse to crack down on the supervision of public opinion. Should have rational knowledge for what is not reported, the media is not judicial investigation organs, the media can only be infinitely close to the truth, most of the time the media first reported may not like the court verdict evidence, with a need to continue to follow-up reports to supplement the correction.
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