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Media reports, in other words, real and not really in the global and is not local, lies in the macro and not in the microcosmic. For microscopic untrue, [url=]replica versace belt[/url] not malicious society especially necessary tolerance must be paid to the government, supervision by public opinion will be difficult, also cannot guarantee the public´s right to know. Our society has never been short of conscience and social responsibility of the media, has never been short of iron shoulders to moral, lack of supervision by public opinion is the institutional guarantee. Media was wanted, journalists become high-risk profession is not only the media and media people sad, but sad - without supervision by public opinion of the whole society, people will live in a can´t see the truth of the world, and in a world far from the truth, fairness and justice must be eroded by all sorts of evil forces. Held in Versace Belt Cheap on July 17, Versace Belt Cheap top BBS on urban development, regional and urban development research center, tsinghua university, director of zu-lin shi pointed out that the housing allocation is now not only an economic problem, but from the perspective of political thinking. , he said, [url=]cheap louis vuitton belts[/url] as a result of our land is state-owned, therefore, is a living conditions acquired everyone should have the right, and not to say that you can be rich, no money, no. (Versace Belt Cheap, July 18) impression of the original [url=]cheap versace belt[/url] expression as a political problem of the housing problem will guang-ning zhang, the then mayor of guangzhou, in March 2007, when he said at a meeting in the guangzhou municipal government, the housing problem is not only an economic problem, social problem, but also a political issue. As the member of Mr Guang-ning zhang this gesture is considered to be the government as the people´s livelihood problems of the housing problem has priority. Mr Zu-lin shi of tsinghua university from the Angle of the state-owned land to interpret the housing problem of political, I thought I have no doubt, the correctness of the irrefutable. Land is the most important of human production and living materials, and land policy is the fundamental solution of a nation since ancient times. Land management law the regulation in our country city land owned by the state, rural land owned by peasant collectives. According to the spirit of the constitution, the people is the master of the country, whether state-owned or collective all, all the essence of which is a national, state (or group) only belongs to the people´s rights to the mark. That is to say, as long as you are a citizen of the People´s Republic of Versace Belt Cheap, from the date of birth, have a piece of land on which their own living and that is why we repeatedly residency is a basic human right. National land right now, the real estate transaction in the link all the legal principle was overturned. Now we all know, the price of a home, the constituents of the instead the most core part of the room, the real construction cost is very low, high land prices is the main driving force of high housing prices. In other words, [url=]versace belt replica[/url] we buy the high price of housing is high, we worked hard all his life, a lifetime to developers to work with a bank, even in a few generation hard-earned money back in place, the one who originally belong to our own land. Take their money to buy their own things, there is nothing more than this case. Now that everyone should have a belongs to own land, so he possess, use, dispose and proceeds of the land is not to need to pay fees. If built housing on the land, he in addition to pay the cost of raw materials and artificial cost and the necessary taxes and fees, he doesn´t need to pay for the land cost of land; If he must pay for land, explain the land originally do not belong to him; Further, if every one of the live or buy a house to pay the cost of land for him, then, to form a each one is not the owner of the land have land whole people what kind of? Under ownership by the whole people who belong to the land? Due to state-owned or too abstract, ownership by the whole people must use an entity to achieve its purpose, this is the government, but the whole people and state is not equal to the government, more is not equal to all of the local government. Government is to help people to better achieve the purpose of rights, including land rights, rather than compete with the people. But now the situation is, local governments will be under ownership by the whole people sell land to developers, developers to sell to the whole people, ownership upside down.
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