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If the land is the superiority of the socialist system of ownership by the whole people is an important embodiment, then based on the high land prices high house prices is superiority to the largest trampled and ridicule. There is a story goes like this: a group of sheep are eating grass on the side slope, freely one day to a shepherd, said I to help you manage the pasture, ensure each sheep are eating grass, have a shelter to live, also won´t happen with big deceit small and bullying. Sheep will think it is very good, agreed. Some time later, the shepherd was a carpenter, [url=]replica versace belt[/url] please, help the sheep pen repair, make them more comfortable, neat and beautiful. The sheep are happily moved to the cave, just waiting to come back to live new pen. But when they return to the mountainside, woodworking, said to live can also take money to first. The sheep are a want to, the somebody else to work out the material, give point also should have cost of raw materials and labor. Carpenter: this money just want to send me, the land I bought! Want to live a new pen, but also need to pay tooling plant! The results we´ve tried to eat grass long wool sheep, also owed money to carpentry. The sheep to death also don´t understand, we just hired a butler, a [url=]cheap versace belt[/url] lso claim to the ans good, how in the end the god to give the ans also whole didn´t... If you read the moral of the story, will understand why the house prices so high now. There is news yesterday, the Versace Belt Cheap news said, [url=]cheap louis vuitton belts[/url] Versace Belt Cheap has two empleomania dreaming all want to get a tight, the result was pretending to be an agency unit directly under the central government agricultural industrial development commission, director of the hustler to nearly ten thousand yuan. Liar tell them: money can buy officer. See the news I was thinking, why these two empleomania believe a liar? This only shows that to spend money to buy officer this trade a certain market and recognized by some people. Two empleomania very unlucky, they m [url=]versace belt replica[/url] et fake. Make a metaphor, inappropriate clothing the reason will appear on the market of counterfeit adidas, the necessary premise that is a real adidas has formed the brand effect, and loved by some consumers. The hainan d.c reported yesterday with real buy officer sell official events, said henan nanzhao county party secretary liu along with their lover opened a destabilising store, two people illegally accept bribe a total of 72 cases, bribes were millions of dollars, including 71 cases are to be carried out to help others´ position adjustment. Just think, if the two empleomania met in Versace Belt Cheap is not a liar, but liu or his lover, bought and sold officer trading can clinch a deal the unnoticed, money money, high rank of high rank, the two sides happy. Buy officer jing jenn-air this phenomenon in my state is very profound historical origin, the author is said to be the emperor, he rules the people, millet thousands of stone worship jue level (shi-ji biographic sketches of qin shi huang ), to the qing dynasty to develop acme, light years various positions plain code marks a price, to spend money to donate a immortal do administers are common things. In modern society, buy officer jing jue to be permitted by democracy and the rule of law, therefore becomes the hidden rules of mesa is not allowed. Versace Belt Cheap sell officer fraud has been brought to justice, henan may open stores of corrupt officials were sentenced to a punishment, but as long as this kind of behavior is still have market, buyers and sellers will enter, including all kinds of liars and fakes. How to reduce and eliminate buy officer jing jue? To no more than two kinds, one is to strengthen supervision, especially to strengthen the supervision of the head; Second is to promote democracy construction, the maximum power from the people. I think the latter is more important, because whether the internal or external supervision, eyes always have a look not to come over. Around in the reform of official selection system in recent years has made many useful attempts, such as a village official direct elections, competitive election, elected by direct elections, etc.
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