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Impressive during his prime minister and his clean and anti-corruption determination, he said anti-corruption famous has still fresh. And since he retired, the public have never seen him to technology proposed own view. It is said that he would tell every local officials dont talk about work. Zhus time in high and low profile in contrast to the after retirement, he can become the star of the Cheap louis Vuitton Belts public attention to politicians, probably because of his unique personality charm. But in his last public appearance, their views about some sensitive topics.

replica louis vuitton belts According to the order of the phoenix weekly magazine, tsinghua universitys one hundredth anniversary this year, zhu to return to tsinghua university campus, taking part in relevant activities respectively during his time in pushing system reform, the government housing reform policies, local land finance, urban traffic, the problem such as education, during which a lot of sharp criticism, from onlookers. Why in tsinghua university in one hundred, zhus comments when the celebration activities? It is important to note that he do so for themselves: this is not for my personal, but also to the central third generation of collective leadership.

cheap louis vuitton belts And chose to show personal ideas in public, because have appeared at home and abroad for some time that the negative tax reforms point of view, think governments led to high prices, led to the rich the poor. But the problem is that the tax reform is regarded as zhu rongji administration and is the third generation of central collective leadership, one of the core of the reform is one of the main historical merits of the third generation of collective leadership, so it is understandable why zhu himself out as a self defense. It should be said that zhu refutation of governments led to high prices is persuasive.

He listed 2010 examples can effectively prove that the local government money: actually implemented, the local government not only to their portion of the tax, but also through the central transfer payments or another central tax charged by way of earmarks, add up the total of more than 80% of the total tax revenue. Since the local government money, so, on the grounds of lack of money to real estate development, land finance, lost its legitimacy, zhu is to illustrate that is not due to the central after implemented the local financial resources, forcing local governments to earn income by selling land to real estate development, and push up prices. But other problems also follow. First of all, [url=]cheap louis vuitton belts[/url] since the local government is not short of money, why to obtain land revenue? Second, the tax is only the way of return the payment problem?

After implemented, local finance actual revenue accounted for 80% of the total tax revenue, the money will be enough, local government is keen to sell land? Mystery is actually in zhus words, the real estate money, was closed for local government, and not included in the budget, the money is not a bad thing, which local governments do not hope oneself can control the income the more the better? Besides, the money can not included in the budget, for its disposal.

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