A few questions that need answers

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Subject: A few questions that need answers
I´m currently a High School Student studying in Thailand, I´m a Canadian Citizen and I have a problem as to which University I should go to in Canada. Problem is, the forums have so much comments on all universities that it´s almost impossible to tell whether one is better than the other or not. I´ll hopelessly admit that my averages aren´t that high, it´s around C+ - B type grades (I never actually tried in my earlier years of high school and I just recently picked it up in second/first semester of junior/senior year with A/B averages).

So here are my few questions (Keep in mind that I would like to major in either Chemical/Electrical/Mechanical Engineering (which ever I get into)):

First and foremost, which universities are considered good universities for Engineering?

And, second is Lakehead University "THAT" bad? (The people replying on these forums seem to show Lakehead as a horrible university)

I would like to thank everyone for any constructive feedback. It´s really appreciated, and university applications are coming up soon so I´m kind of stuck in this dilemma... Thanks to everyone in advance :)


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