Kinesiology at York or U of T?

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Subject: Kinesiology at York or U of T?
I applied for Kinesiology at York and at U of T, and I´m wondering which university has the better program? Also, the reason I am taking kinesiology is because I am interested more in the HEALTH aspect of it, rather than the physical aspect, so I´m wondering if the program is based heavily on physical activity like sports, and if I´m graded on my athletic skills on sports? I can do a workout, I can play sports but I´m not really good (haha), just decent. Oh, and what is the difference between the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science offered at York in terms of the course and future careers?
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Um okay CHILL OUT. Who the hell said I was going to base my decision on this? I was asking for FEEDBACK on what others know about it, and for your information I HAVE done my research, but there´s no fucking harm in asking for more thoughts on the said subject. The final decision is MINE, based on all the information I have gathered, and also on my own personal opinion. So please, calm yourself down. kthx =)
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Just because someone says Kines at York or whatever is better, doesn´t necessarily mean I´m going to decide on that exact University. Don´t assume what my decision will be.

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