Mc Gill or Concordia for political science ?

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Subject: Mc Gill or Concordia for political science ?
Hello everyone,
I am a French student, I am 16. After my French baccalaureate I want to supply for Mc Gill or Concordia bachelor in political science. I will visit both universities in July of this year and in addition, I wanted to know your opinions on this question. In my opinion, Mc Gill is the best for me because it is internationnaly recognised and I will find easier a job after my studies. But, with all the debates I read on this forum, I ask you what is the best university for political science and overall for a french student.
Thank you for your help

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I would say Mcgill, because it is an old school and one of the "best" in Canada. That and it´s in montreal!!! Amazing. However, because it´s in montreal a lot of people end up parting all the time instead of studying. Have you considered Glendon? I´m aware that it isn´t necessarily as prestigious as the other two, but it is amazing in the fact that it is completly bilingual offering courses in both french and engilsh. It also has amazing liberal arts programs like international studies and political science.
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Hey, I´m in the same dilemna as you are right now, french student, finishing le bac and heading to canada. Which uni did you end up choosing?
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