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Subject: master s in canada
I am graduate in Pharmacy (B.Pharm)....I dont know any thing abt canada.....jus heard 4m frnd ..its good 4 me
So can u tell me what is process of aplication in Uni...& then process 4 available 4 pharmacy.....

master s in canada (in reply to: master s in canada)
Hey there,
I would suggest you go and look at different university´s website.

Also, if you could write proper English and stop shortening all the words, that would be great! Canadian universities teach in English and that type of English won´t do!

I hope you can pass your TOEFL/IELTS with that type of English.

Please i need assistance (in reply to: master s in canada)
I am a graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Awka Anambra State of Nigeria, and dearly wish to do my masters in marketing at a reputable university in Canada but my challenges is that, i don`t know how to apply or even get the brochure for guideline. if there is anyone who could direct me better, it will be highly appreciated.
Okafor Gabriel

Okafor Gabriel

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