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Subject: Energy right when you need it
Doesn´t really matter guys, girls, were all in search of the hookup and were all putting on the constant game face, the problem is after a dozen and a half drinks and six hours of strained conversation the most appealing thing at that point is your own pillow.

But if your under forty and don´t need the traditional blue pill and tired of the disgusting redbull and vodka bathroom race, many of you like me will be highly thrilled with this new solution. I recently been turned on to these new revive energy mints you can find details at They are available in very 7-11 in Canada. Each mint has the same jolt as a shot and you can keep eight of them in your pocket. I can´t recommend them enough they actually allowed me to close the deal so many times now they are my dating savor. Itís actually nice to have that assistance rather than throwing all that time and money out the window. At 2 am I love to get revived. Try it out you won´t be disappointed


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