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Subject: future
Dear Sir/Madam,
Hope you will be fine there.My name is
Muhammad Naoman Khan.I am a citizen of Pakistan.I
have done my matric in the year 2005 and I complete
my F.sc in the year 2007.My father is a Salesman in a
Medical Store.His salary is Rs.8000/month.When I
complete my F.sc in the year 2007 I stop my further
education because my father can´t support the
expenses of my studies.I have one brother and three
sisters.They all are educationless due to the reason
that ours father salary is too much less.I belongs to
a poor family.
Dear Sir/Madam I lost my last 2.5 expensive
educational years of my career.Now I want to proceed
my studies to Bachelors and Masters level.Yesterday I
met my school fellow named as Jalal Khan.He said to
me that why you can´t apply to the organization of Canada
that helps those students who belongs to an financially impaired families.By this way I hear about ur organization and I write my problem to you.Dear Sir/Madam as I say you
few lines upper that now I wish to proceed my studies
to Bachelors and Masters level so,kindly I requested
you that please give me a Student Visa of Canada with
free education facility to proceed my studies there.I
got further education its the craving of my parents
and me too because I will tell you that my one
brother and three sisters became educationless due to
my parents bad financial position and I am the only
one in my family whose desire is to earn more
education.Dear Sir/Madam I am writing about my
problem to you with sanguine hope and I hope that you
fulfil my request very nearly.
I shall be very thankful to you for this

Muhammad Naoman Khan

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