Why Concordia is better than McGill

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Subject: Why Concordia is better than McGill
1. I had a 3.98 in high school and a 1900 on my SAT and they still rejected me...McGill just lost a very gifted student and makes irrational decisions they put quebec applicants over good grades.

2. Concordia has tons and tons of hot people...McGill doesn´t, especially the guys

3. We have better parties

4. Our professors are much more interactive and not old passive geezers (like you´d find in McGill)

5. Our social science programs definitely supersede theirs, all they´re good at is engineering/maths, medicine, and music everything else is at Concordia

6. People in Concordia are not cut throat competitive such as people in McGill are so its not as hostile

7. Concordia has a bar ON campus

8. Concordia holds cool festivals like Fantasia

9. Concordia students are very active i.e. politically, McGill students are just studious

10. Our sports teams kick arse, McGill sports teams suck balls.

Re. Why Concordia is better than McGill (not) (in reply to: Why Concordia is better than McGill)
Your comments on Concordia vs McGill a combination of ridiculous and wrong. It is true that McGill is ridiculously hard to get in to, and that the demand is to high that great people are getting rejected for basically random wiggles in their marks.

Saying that Concordia is a better school because there is a bar on campus is just plain dumb (plus inaccurate). The profs at McGill are not "old geezers" since McGill (as published in the Gazette) hired something like 1/3 of the profs in the last 10 years. McGill has a much better reputation overall, but I am sure there are lots of good students and profs at Concordia.


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