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Subject: best undergrad business programs
In terms of reputation for MBAs, Ivey and Rotman are generally seen as the leading business schools. But I take it that for UNDERGRAD Schulich is #1, Queen´s is #2 and Rotman and Ivey are perhaps tied for #3 (that´s a close one), with Sauder and perhaps McGill and Wilfrid Laurier following. What do others think?

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I´m interested at the article entitle "The Great Idea That Wasn´t" written by Fiona McQuarrie from University College of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada. It is regarding "telecommuting".

It is a case study which i´m studying at my school. It will be my pleasure if given opportunity to discuss the article perhaps with a " virtual mentor" from the related feild.

Hope to hear from the University soon.


Sa Thin

sa thin
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(Undergrad Commerce)
1. Queens/Schulich
2. Western/Toronto
3. UBC
4. McGill

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I think that all doubts can be solved by looking up Business Week´s ranking 2004 or Canadian Business.

York(Schulich) was rated highest-higher than Harvard Business School, UWO (Ivey) was also rated highly.
Check out Queens Business school as well. These seem to be the best business schools year round in Canada and the world.

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Greg... I´m confused. I searched up businessweek...

Schools outside the US
BusinessWeek 2002:
2. Queens
5. Toronto
6. Western
10. Schulich

BusinessWeek 2004:
1. Queens
6. Western
9. Toronto

I think you are confused about schulich being above Harvard - they are not ranked in the same category because they are in the US.

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This was copied straight from a press release from the Wall Street Journal rankings for this year. If anyone does not know what the Wall Street Journal, it is one of the most prestigious business publications worldwide (based in USA).

I quote:-
"York (Schulich) ranked ahead of Harvard, Wharton, Berkeley and Cornell, and just behind Columbia, INSEAD and Stanford in The Wall Street Journal?s first ever "Top International Schools" survey. Schulich finished 9th among North American business schools, 6th among non-US schools, and was the only business school in Canada to make the international schools ranking. Schulich?s overall ranking was the highest ever attained by a Canadian business school in a major global survey."

Well, I guess you can have your cake and eat it after all!

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First of all, that ranking is for graduate level.

Second of all, here is a copy & paste to what I replied in your other post:

That?s a survey-based ranking... with only one criteria, and the survey is regional based, not nationally or internationally. It does not include selectivity of the business school, success of their graduates, or average starting salaries. If given the opportunity, 99% of people would pick schools like Harvard and Wharton over Canadian ones. The simple reason is that they have close to a 100% placement rate and double the average salary of us Canadian schools. Here is a more accurate ranking that takes in to account many criterias including average salary, placement success, alumni recommendation, etc on an international scale.

As you can see, York has an average salary of 85k after 3 years, compared to 157k for Wharton, 164k for Harvard, 103k for Rotman, 102k for Ivey and 94k for Queens. These are the facts - some schools may choose to target some areas more than other schools. For example I would expect the Bay street to be dominated by Canadian grads, and they would outrank most top American schools if given a survey.

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Just so that you know, schulich business school (At the grad level) is much easier to get in to than the other top b schools in Canada. My friend got rejected from UBC - Saunders, Toronto - Rotman, Queens, and Western-Ivey but still got admitted in to Schulich. Hardly anything to brag about.
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Your number one choice is Queens/Schulich.
Good luck,

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Everyone knows John Molson (Concordia) is a top 5 business school in Canada.
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I am warning you not to do a bcomm.

If you are interested in Finance, go into STats or maths.

If you are interested in marketing, go into psychology or social psychology.

If you are interested in accounting, than perhaps you should do a bcomm.

OH yes, and I would also like to say that you people are too obsessed with business school rankings. Who gives a ****.

Who cares who is first, and second, or third. At the Undergraduate level, it really doesnt matter where you go.

LOL Dont do a Bcomm
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RE: LOL Dont do a Bcomm

I agree.
Firstly, put it in perspective.
Internationally, it dons´t matter if you graduate from Sydney, UK, India.. In the long run, a Bachelor (and most importantly, the particular school) is largely irrelevant.
(understand the Canadaian education system and structure).
secondly, its what you do with the degree that counts, exponentially more important than the name of the institution you have on your resume/diploma.
Do you think that the jk you attended has any bearing in your future now? Think about it.
Thirdly, an undergrad degree itself is just a stepping-stone to a professional designation or higher education.
4- an interviewer worth his/her weight will ask "what did you major in, and how can you contribute to our company", not "why didnt´ you go to university of X". Letter´s of reference, grades, accomplishments count for more, not the name.
5- rankings are notorious for ambiguity, subjectivity and bias - take them with a pinch of salt - some schools may be ranked high in general, the program they offer in a particular area may not be very good. (although statisticaly, Its an advantage to get into the best school you can get into) - but thats a reputation issue.
6. Real-life gets in the way. ie Financial, type of institution, size, student body, extra-ciricular stuff, locaion, housing, majors,


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