University degree conditions changed - very urgent

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Subject: University degree conditions changed - very urgent
Hello everybody,

Extremely serious problem here. I´m studying an Engineering degree split between two universities, first two years at a smaller college, final two years at a bigger university.

The small school was always acting EXTREMELY unprofessionally, profs always trying to get students in the aforementioned program (sp. international ones) to change to other programs that are entirely studied in their school, when they fail to convince them to do so, they try to prolong their stay for these supposed two years as long as possible.

Now, the courses required for the first part changed 2 years after I started it, and in all other schools that joined in this program, older students do not have to adhere to newer course list requirements, continuing with the ones that were in place when they joined.

On the other hand, in my small school, after finally being 99% done with the requirements, they want to force me to adhere to the new course list, which means I need to complete several new courses (at least one more year.)

My question is, do I have any right to insist on following the program course requirements that were in place when I got accepted into the program?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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