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Subject: Lakehead University Engineering Suck!
Lakehead University Engineering Suck!

The Engineering program at Lakehead University is the most absurd, worthless, pathetic program and the school ought to be revoked its license from offering B.Eng Engineering degree programs.

First of all, the School does not have professors who have technological, technical and updated theoretical know-how and a clear understanding of how to connect and deliver thoughts and ideas to students who want to become an Engineer of the 21st century.

Furthermore, Lakehead University is extremely desperate in attracting students to join its unpopular Engineering program at any cost. It is a well known fact that Students who want to pursue Engineering program all over Canada seek to choose well known Universities with above average ranking. Lakehead University having being located in a remote and tiny small town and having the lowest ranking to its name makes it the most and least favored Universities to be chosen by potential students who seek to pursuing post-secondary education.

To effectively combat the shortage, and save the closure of the Engineering department once and for all, Lakehead University has adopted a new Engineering program called TRANSITION PROGRAM. The program is designed to attract those students whom have graduated from college and will enable them to earn a Bachelor of Engineering degree within just 2 years. Just two years? Yes Just 2 years.

Over the years the "too good to be true" offer seem to attract students all over Canada -but not students who have excelled in their previous college studies and are highly self-motivated ,full of effort and Persevere through difficult or challenging learning and studying tasks. Instead what the Transition Program ended up attracting are simply LOSERS - hordes of Students who have one time or another have entered another university and have quit because they weren´t fit or have been expelled due to unsatisfactory performance.

One only needs to ask any student who has graduated from the Lakehead University´s Engineering TRANSITION program is simple "what other school he or she have previously attended?." Then to your surprise you will note that roughly 98% of those students who are attending or have graduated from the Lakehead University´s TRANSITION program have shortly attended another University previously somewhere in Canada before quitting or being kicked out.

Thus, the claim that Lakehead Univerisity´s Engineering is #1 is totally a bogus, joke and groundless. Moreover, these so-called Engineers from the Lakehead University Transition program are utterly an insult to those students who have put extreme effort , time and energy to attend and graduate from a four year Engineering Program offered through well established and robust Universities.


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