Where should I go? Western, UofT, Ryerson or York

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Subject: Where should I go? Western, UofT, Ryerson or York
Hey everyone I am applying for university soon, and I am having a couple of dilemma´s. I have a couple of programs that I´m interested in and I was wondering if anyone knew which program/ university is best! I either want to work in media/journalism or acting/film studies sooo... The programs I were thinking of were:
1. Western´s Media Information and Technoculture(broadcast journalism)
2. Ryerson Journalism
3. University of Toronto Major/Minor of Drama and Cinema Studies
4. York University Major/Minor of Drama and Film

If anyone has any information, or an opinion of where I should go, please tell me??? Also, which of these programs/schools are best for media/journalism and drama/film


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