What's Going on with my Grades?!

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Subject: What's Going on with my Grades?!

I am currently attending the University of Windsor as a part-time student. I started as a philosophy major in 2009. Because I am a part-time student, I was taking roughly three courses a semester. For my first three semesters, my grades were all A´s (exactly ten A´s or A-´s)! Then, in 2011, I changed my major to philosophy and economics. I didn´t simply find economics hard, but brutally hard. My grades in economics were two A-´s, one C-, one D+, and a voluntary withdrawal. After my success in philosophy, I got out fast. Now, I´m back just in philosophy. In my first semester back, my first two grades were C´s, so I withdrew from those courses, and decided to continue the next semester. Now, this semester I got a D on a paper for a class I considered easy based on what I did before, and so that could be another C or D! What is going on here?

My grades in high school were really high - I always scored in the 90s. How could I get something like ten straight A´s to be followed by all sorts of erratic marks? The chances of the first ten grades being inaccurate would be similar to flipping ten coins and getting heads ten times in a row - something highly improbable. Nothing I´ve been doing has really even changed since I´ve started at this university!

Could the university have a new policy that has changed the way professors mark exams? Could they be pushing admissions averages up so it is more difficult to get A´s and B´s? Could the latest philosophy grades just be a fluke? What could be going on here?


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