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Subject: How to free recover photo,video,music and other de
Don´t worried when your Mac data is corrupted, deleted, formatted or crashed, you will be able to recover lost data with 4Bestsoft Data Recovery For Mac ( in a few steps. Other than recovering your personal data, it can recover corrupted operating system files as well.This compact data recovery software designed for Mac has six main functions and is easy-to-use.

? Quick Recovery
Scans existing journal or file table for deleted items. Requiring working disks or partitions. It is very fast, but not precise as not all deleted files still exist in the areas of search.

? Deep Recovery
Use Deep scan to recover files that have been deleted accidentally. It scans unused blocks of volume to recover deleted data.

? Partition Recovery
Search deleted, lost, resized or corrupted partitions first and then recover lost files.

? Photo Recovery
Lost or deleted digital photos, musics and videos can be easily recovered.

? DVD/CD Recovery
Designed specifically to recover lost and deleted files from CD & DVD disks.

? Backup as Disk Image
Creating a complete sector-by-sector copy of the source medium and thereby perfectly replicating the structure and contents of a storage device.

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