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Subject: UWO
Does anyone know if Western is good to study psychology. I heard the social life in London is great and alot of students that go there are really party people.
I might consider that school,
but what others are good?

Becky Mason
party schools (in reply to: UWO)
look at concordia and mcgill of you like a buzzing party scene
fredrick anderson
psych at uwo (in reply to: UWO)
hi im currently 1st yr taking psychology as a course in uwo and it´s pretty good (even tho im not takin it as a major or antyhing). the uni´s not that bad... its pretty good in fact and a lotta ppl r sayin how they like it and esp the social life. the campus is also a lot nicer compared to a lotta other uni´s...even tho i would say mc gill has a good nite life too
forgot to say... (in reply to: UWO)
i also forgot to say that i think western´s jus overrated for bein a party school..it reli depends which residence u end up in here i guess..like i find a lotta ppl can balance their party life and school work as well.
(in reply to: UWO)
Western is the best university in Canada!
(in reply to: UWO)
I go to Western and I still would not call it the best university in canada.
C´mon, are you looking for people to laugh at us?

We are a decent university, but I dont think that the academics here are anywhere near the top notch poineer universties in canada.

(in reply to: UWO)
Western does have a good psych dept
Administrative Commercial Studies(ACS) -Finance & Admi - good or not? (in reply to: UWO)
Is the ACS program at UWO good enough as compared with the Business programs of UBC or York? Also, my friend who´s at Western says that it´s the best Business school in Canada.
(in reply to: UWO)
Western is the best business school in Canada
western has an awesome program (in reply to: UWO)
western has an awesome program, i´m finishing my 3rd year and find that the teachers, facilities and students are great. On top of that, western has the best social scene and the night life is unrivaled. Doesn´t matter which rez you´re in, you´ll find people just like you who will probably party harder than you thought possible. In all honesty, for the work you have to put into school, you have to be at a good party school in order to give´r and reward all the hard work you´ve done. Western is just that!

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