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Subject: Cost of University
I have been wanting to go to university since I graduated highschool, but I got kicked out of my parent´s house as soon as I graduated. My parents were "expected" to pay a certain percentage towards my schooling (which obviously they didn´t do). Therefore, I did not go to university. I tried Okanagan College last year but I couldn´t afford it anymore after the first semeseter. I needed to work to live. Am I ever going to be able to go to university? I live paycheque to paycheque and cannot afford to do it without student loans, but the student loans expect me to contribute as well.... I am actually quite an intellectual person, and I have a lot of potential (I think) but I just can´t get ahead because of the position I was born into (poor parents and an abusive parent who kicked me out at 17). I feel like I will never get ahead. Any advice anyone?

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