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Subject: McGill vs. Concordia
Please help! What´s better for marketing McGill or Concordia? I heard that McGill´s commerce is not as good as Concordia´s. Can anyone tell me the actual truth!
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check McLeans, they cover them all quite well.

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reno doesn´t know what he´s talking about. Concordia is a far superior university for marketing/commerce. Check out financial times:

Concordia eMBA grads make over 100k a year, McGill? Not even 60k. Go where the money is, unless you want a dead end job then you can start brushing up on the lines "Do you want fries with that?" and head over to McGill.

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I thought McGill was better, but after having been to both universities; McGill is just harder and requires much more work because many teachers don´t care about the student´s well-being!
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Concordia (John Molson) will have a better business school than McGill once the new $100 Million 14 storey John Molson business building is completed in 2007.
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Im at jmsb and most ppl i know here also had the choice of going to mcgill , myself included. We chose JMSB simply because it´s by far the better business school
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What is this idea that students who attend Concordia (John molson business school) did so because they weren´t accepted at Mcgill? It is an old idea that has no substance at all. The Average " cote R" for Co-Op students at John Molson was 29.6:

The admission requirement to get into the management program at Mcgil is a cote R of 26.

Please, can anyone tell the Mcgill twits to stop propogating filthy lies. I am sick of it, and so are John Molson students.

Take care

no thankyou
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(I wanted to rectify that)

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Are you guys nuts? Concordia business is way worse than McGill. Firstly, what really separates the good universities from the bad ones is the kind of students which go there. Books, assignments, business curriculums, it´s all the same everywhere. The difference is that the brightest students choose McGill, because it is more prestigious than Concordia. And McGill has better professors. Thus, McGill gets the best minds and better reputation. And that?s the second point. Concordia what? In the real world of business nobody knows what the hell Concordia is and nobody cares about it. But many many many more know McGill and know its reputation. And hey, in the world of business the reputation is just as important as knowledge. Lastly, McGill Management just got a $22 million donation and it already has a highly modernized building, whilst Concordia is still struggling to finish its school of business. In short, Concordia students may try to boost their low self esteem by complimenting Concordia, but realistically speaking, McGill Management is way better.
PS: McGill also has a campus.

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Quebec Government announces an investment of $60 million towards construction of a new building for the John Molson School of Business

MONTREAL/October 30, 2006 ??

The Quebec Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports, Jean-Marc Fournier, today announced an investment of $60 million towards construction of a new building for Concordia University??s John Molson School of Business (JMSB). The announcement was made in the presence of Jacques Chagnon, Member of the National Assembly for Westmount- Saint-Louis, Benoit Labont??, Ville-Marie Borough Mayor and Eric Molson, Chairman of the Board of Molson Coors Brewing Company.

Minister Fournier made the announcement during a ceremony at Concordia. The government??s $60 million represents about half of the total construction costs.

??The John Molson School of Business building project is an excellent example of how private donors and government can work together to support higher education and our community,?? said Eric Molson. ??Together, we are encouraging a new generation of students to become strong business and community leaders who understand the value of hard work and community service.??

Concordia President Claude Lajeunesse confirmed today that the Molson family, who as long-term supporters of Concordia originally donated $10 million in 2000 to name the John Molson School of Business, will contribute an additional $10 million in support of the government??s investment toward the construction of a new building.

??With these investments, both the Quebec government and the Molson family are recognizing how important Concordia??s educational and social missions are,?? said Concordia President, Dr. Claude Lajeunesse. ??We??ve been teaching Montreal??s business leaders for more than one hundred years and will now be able to do so in state-of-the art facilities that will become a vital part of Quartier Concordia.??

Construction of the new building will begin in December, 2006 with completion expected by summer, 2009. The fifteen story building will house the JMSB??s 6,000 full- and part-time students under the same roof for the very first time.

This building will be designed by the architectural firms Kuwabara, Payne, McKenna and Blumberg and Fichten Soiferman, the same companies responsible for the exceptional construction of Concordia??s Integrated Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts building, located just across the street from the future JMSB site.

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oh dear! here we go again...mcgill´s desautel business school or whatever it´s called couldn´t hold a candle to molson and everybody who´s anybody knows it...
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you guys keep telling yourself that concordia is better than Mcgill, but you know its true, i go to mcgill therefore i am better than you! and what makes mcgill better is based on facts from mcleans... who knows what kind of bullshit they feed you over there at molson if they make you guys buy this ridiculous even comapring mcgill managemnet to concordias!
ok keep telling yourself that

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