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Subject: Mcgill's Economics program
I haven´t heard alot about Mcgills economics program. Is it suppose to be a respected program or should i apply elsewhere? I´m willing to go anywhere around Ontario, or Mcgill. U of Toronto is not on my list.
And what should i be able to get in with(at Mcgill)?

go for queen's (in reply to: Mcgill's Economics program)
for economic, you can´t go wrong with queen´s.

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strong economics programs are in
u of toronto
mc master???

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McGill´s econ program isn´t particularly strong. The leading depts in Canada for econ (grad level) are Toronto, UBC, Western and Queen´s.
Economics (in reply to: Mcgill's Economics program)
what about undergrad level economics?
All i know is that Queens and UBC are the forerunners?
But I heard that Western and York are very well respected....but I want to get out of Ontario- possibly to SFU or UBC?
Any advice?

Stessed out

Claudia King
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I hear Mount Allison is suppose to be an amazing school. The quality of teaching is suppose to be incredible, but the rankings did not get very high, partly because of the size of the school, approximately 2000 students enrolled.

If i wanted to get out of Ontario i would definitely check out Mount Allison. Good luck

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Both SFU and UBC have strong econ depts
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Dude, try to maximize your utility. Go to EUh University, the girls are horny in economics.

Maximize utility...come on.

MCGILL ECON (in reply to: Mcgill's Economics program)
I´m in the McGill econ program, and would say that it as least as well know internationally as U of T or Queens. If you´re talking about reputation, keep in mind the "ontario effect," where ontarions think that Unis like queens and western are well known...but not in the rest of the world.
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i havent heard much about mcgill econ either but i think im going into it, its undergrad you learn the same thing everywhere. BTW for all you ontarians you are all trying to promote your own universities, UBC and U de M have the most well known programs in the country. Schools in Ontario are expesive and ugly, they keep sending stupid recruiters who dont speak english to my CEGEP even tho it is an ENGLISH CEGEP. I hafta say i wouldnt go to school in Ontario jsut because of that.
McGill econ program (in reply to: Mcgill's Economics program)
I have now completed the core of the McGill homours econ program and I would not advise anyone to do it or any similar program at any Canadian university. It consists mostly of very uninteresting, obsolete and useless theory and the math is not challenging. At least at McGill, the best business and finance jobs go to management students; nobody recruits from the arts faculty. The only good reason to study econ is if you want to do it at the graduate level which I doubt is of interest to many people who have a good sense of the subject.
Choosing an Econ program (in reply to: Mcgill's Economics program)

I have a B.Sc. in pure math and a master´s in Economics. I worked at the Bank of Canada and was admitted at Cornell (in the US) with full tuition waiver and received the SSHRC PhD grant of 35K per year (which I turned down). When applying to various programs, I learned a lot about all of them (U of T, Queen´s, UBC, U of Montreal, and many US Departments) ... all this to say that I know what I am talking about. I now teach econ at both advanced bachelor-level and College level (Marianopolis College). The bachelor-degree level econ program is the SAME all over the world! It is McDonald´s. So what makes the difference? 1) the quality of the teaching and availability of teachers; 2) the RIGOUR of the courses (because Macro II at Concordia and Macro II at Queen´s is NOT the same in terms of rigour); 3) the good vibes of the Department and school, of course... so to say it bluntly: McGill is a very well known school internationally, which is good, BUT ... the econ program at McGill is NOT well viewed at all. Remember that what matters is the reputation of the Department you will be in. Queen´s and UBC are WAY better, as is U of Western Ontario. In Montreal, if you speak a bit of French, you will get a MUCH better training at U of Montreal. So in Ontario, I would go in this order: Queen´s, U of T, UWO. Outside of Ontario, I would go: UBC, SFU, U Montreal (French)... and maybe McGill if you really feel like being in Montreal, which is where I am (it won´t block you in the future or anything by the way!). In the end, go where you feel you will enjoy it, study hard, and get really good grades ;)


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