How to improve the printing quality of newspaper

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Subject: How to improve the printing quality of newspaper
More and more newspaper [url=]printing factories[/url] and offices had started to manage newspaper printing quality with lean management, adopted the method of process control to improve the quality of newspaper printing. Controlling with the nodes of all process flow is the key to improve the efficiency of process-control.

Picture processing
The printing effect of pictures determines the aesthetic of the newspaper in a great extent. Therefore, our factory requires not only guaranteeing the basic printing quality of newspaper, but also requires being full in color and rich in layers. Excelsior is our seeking goal.
Our factory requires not only the prepress staff is familiar with the printing process; understand the relevant parameters of printing, but also high artistic accomplishment and aesthetic. This is the only way to accurately analysis and flexibly processing all kinds of pictures.
In addition, the color restoration ability of the printing staff is also an important factor to affect the final printing effect of the picture. Therefore, the printing effect of the picture is closely related to the prepress processing and the printing processing personnel.
Accordingly, we convene all the prepress processing and printing processing personnel to carry out the technical exchanges. Analyze and solve problems. Continue to urge them to make technical improvements, and arrange technical personnel to analyze the printed daily newspaper picture quality, and select some excellent and some inferior pictures, rewarded and punishing at the same time to the related prepress processing personnel.

Ink color control
Ink color control is the difficulty in newspaper printing quality controlling, because there are many factors related to the ink color control. How to effectively control the ink color? Different [url=]China printing factories[/url] has their own experience. And our factory mainly to control the ink color through the following methods.
(1) Using the measuring and controlling points to control with ink color.
In the process of printing, the printer can judge the quality of the printing by observed printing measuring and controlling points. This control method requires the printer should be excellent in color and dots judgment; otherwise it cannot fully play its role. But due to the impossibility of each ink path are put a group of control strip, so the control method is relatively rough. Can only guarantee the basic balance of color, and no obvious color deviation. But the advantage is not increase process time and cost, good feasibility and effectiveness.
(2) Controlling with color of masthead and fixed block. Usually, the color of masthead, header or header column, lines are fixed. Printing workers can make color recovery according to the standard of proof. Our factory requires collecting the entire printing masthead every day to be ensured that the colors are consistent.

Newspaper appearance quality
Newspaper appearance is the most intuitive factor for readers to evaluate with newspaper quality. The most common problem of newspaper appearance quality is the dirty page which after squeezing and rubbing. Our factory mainly relies on the front-end factory process controlling, to avoid the squeezing and rubbing dirty phenomenon of newspaper.
(1) Segment before printing, requires reasonable setting of picture processing.
(2) Fixed several commonly used inks, using better drying ink.
(3) Segment of printing, controlling with balance of ink and water.
(4) Adjust equipment pressure when in printing and after printing.
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