Best program at Ryerson university?

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Subject: Best program at Ryerson university?
Which progrma is the best at Ryerson University? How long does it take to finish? WHo is the best professor at R U?


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You can´t spell. Congrats, you´re in!
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I am.
Professor Eaton Hogg
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hey guys stop making fun of her, the best program is journalism and as far as i know takes about 4 years to complete.
markus is my fake name
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Don´t bother. I just graduated from Rye High´s famous journalism program. Nobody in my class has a job. Sorry, correction needed here. Nobody without a family member or a head up their professor´s ass has a job.
If you´re a J-Rad, then you have a shot. Prof´s like you because you are their age and employer´s like you because you actually HAVE an education from a real university.
They say it´s the best place in the country to get a journalism degree. What they don´t tell you is that people in the industry aren´t leaving til they die.

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Ryerson´s not the reason you don´t have a job in journalism-journalism is not a stable field-you wouldn´t necessarily get a job in journalism coming out of ANY university. Ryerson´s journalism program is probably the best in the country-grads from its program have a better chance at getting the journalism jobs;imagine what kind of a chance you would have coming out of another program!
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in response to the individual badmouthing ryerson´s journalism program...i think the reason you don´t have a job is because you are so negative and cynical. with an attitude like yours, i wouldn´t hire you regardless of where you obtained your education.

if anyone is reading this and is interested in ryerson´s journalism program, take my advice and go for it. i am currently in my 2nd year of the program after transferring here from another school, and i LOVE it. it´s an intense program, extremely practical, and hands down, Canada´s best journalism program. (hence "Bachelor of Journalism" and NOT Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Communications like other schools offer.) The class sizes are small, and unlike other schools, you are guaranteed to begin reporting in and around toronto within a few weeks of the start of first year. the selection process is difficult. you need to have high grades (a 90 is great, but a high 80 is most likely fine if you have an excellent portfolio/life experience/entrance essay).

i love ryerson
High School Student, scared. (in reply to: Best program at Ryerson university?)
I´m thinking about going into journalism as my career, but I´m sort of nervous about the whole thing. Since I´m not too good at math or sciences, I find english (specifically research essays) are my forte, and I actually enjoy writing.

Problems are: Will I still be able to have a social life while taking this program? Am I going to be a "losing sleep/no life/slave to the program" student? I´m not lazy or anything (okay, maybe a little) but I´m willing to work as hard as I can for this course. I just hope it pays off in the long run.


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