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Subject: Political Sciences?!?!!

Wanted to know which Canadian university is best for poli.sci? It´s UofT, right? Which campus, UTSC (University of Toronto Scarborough Campus) or St.Georges? Does anyone know if UofT offers co-op for poli.sci? I know Carelton does but their poli.sci program isnt nearly as good as UofT´s...

I´d really like to get out of the city for university so any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Hello, it´s probably UofT. I would go for their downtown campus though - their suburban campuses aren´t as well known. I think UTSC is the only campus to offer co-op, the other ones only offer internships (maybe not in pol. sci). Anyways good luck.
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Actually Carleton has a top-notch poli-sci dept. and it´s especially good if you want to work in Ottawa
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If you want to leave the city I suggest the university of calgary. They have a very good program!!! If any in Ontario I would stick with U of Ottawa, very good poli sci program... especially if you want to work in the civil service or something.
I personally am taking political science at Dalhousie and love the programme.

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Go to York. We have the best profs and polisci department in Canada and the students here are great.

Go Lions Go!!!!!!

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York is indeed a top-notch poli sci dept with an international reputation.

What area of political science is the OP interested in? This may be a good way to pick a school. But as an undergrad, location/social life should also play a role.

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Yeah what if I´ve got AP (Advanced Placements) from high school...which uni dya reckon best for political sciences and/or international relations?
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Hi Guys

I am starting my masters program at UofT. I come from York, so I do not know the gap in academic terms between York and UofT. I am very worried that I will loose marks. Right now, I am at 86%.




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