U of T is overrated !

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Subject: U of T is overrated !
Atmosphere wise: I went to UofT (erindale) for 1 year in life sci. It was pretty hard to make friends and meet ppl there. If you didnt go in having a group of friends to start off with, it was tough meeting new peeps (unless you´re in res or put a lotta effort in).
I then switched to Mech Eng at Ryerson, and everyone is wayyyy more approachable. The environment was a little more friendly.

Education wise: I personally think, what you put in is what you get out. As I mentioned in another thread, the material you learn is the same. The phsyics/math/chem/etc is the same. They dont have special physics that only UofT teaches. UofT just test´s way harder (which is good for weeding out bad/lazy students) which makes you need to work harder to get by. But if you were to work hard to start with, then it doesnt really matter where you go (which is why i think its all dependent on that individual). In the end, if you know the material, you know it. Doesn´t matter what school tests you.

Prof wise: I think all schools has good profs and bad profs. At ryerson i had some pretty good profs. Great for asking questions, extra help, references, etc.
Having world renowned scholars doesn´t necessarily make them good profs or make them that much better at teaching undergrad material. For grad studies, thats diff.

In the end, I think experience >> education. So I would choose a school that offered co-op over one that didn´t (for the same program).

Note: This is just my perspective on the schools. Granted, I do have a slight bias towards Ryerson . I will be doing my masters (M.Eng) at UofT though, but I think i´ll always feel like a ryerson student.

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What makes you think UofT (St George) will accept a UTM dropout student? I wish you luck, because you´re going to need it.
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No kidding U of T is overrated! Tell us something we don´t already know!
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There are huge differences between UTM and UofT St. George.

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