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Subject: Ryerson
could some of you please tell me about Ryerson


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nice college
Transfer from Ryerson (in reply to: Ryerson)
I want to transfer out of Ryerson next year.
It was not all that bad but it defintely does not give you a good college life. No social scene on campus b/c the campus is so small and too urban that there is no distinction between students and ppl of Toronto. The rez is nice at ILLC.

I am probably looking to transfer with to a uni with more of campus life and a better facility and faculty for my program. I am looking into Queens, York and Waterloo.

Does any another Ryerson students know if it is hard to transfer to these schhols and will i loose any of my credits i did at ryerson. Also, I did not get into Queens and York when I first applied last year. Do you think this will affect my acceptance of transfer to second year?

I am not bashing Ryerson. So far, my first semester is going well. However, many students dont seem to be the ppl I want to be around. And I am worried about my personal safety at night. No lie.

What I do like is Yonge Street right around the corner. It is fun to be there!

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Regarding student life, YorkU is totally separated - out of city and they have a whole city for themselves. Lot´s of hot girls, but REALLY HOT.
After all, when you finish and you work for a year or two, who cares where you finished...

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go to ryerson.
It may not be as respected as others but when when I graduate with the same degree as those snobby people in uoft and york, we will still get the same jobs.

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It is horrible.

Ryerson (in reply to: Ryerson)
Ryersons a joke. Anybody with an entrance average higher than 75% will choose it as a backup to real universities.

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