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Is it compalsary for writing GMAT for MBA?Are there any Universities which don´t require GMAT?If it is neccasary What should be the maxiumum and minimum score for GMAT?What should be the TOFAL score for get Admisssion in best MBA college?List of Universities for MBA?
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Well, would you really attend a university that doesn´t ask you to write GMAT?

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It has actually been proven time and time again that the GMAT score in no way indicates success in an MBA program. That is why a number of MBA schools are dropping it as a requirement and creating their own more relevant entrance tests such as the QMAT at Queens.
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wilfrid laurier doesnt require a gmat score if you have quantitative experience and a min of 2 yrs full time work experience ~ so far all others i have checked require a gmat ~ reputable schools are looking for no less than a 550 - 600 and up. good luck!
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A quantitative experience...MMM what is that&??? Sounds sexy


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