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Subject: UBC
Sauder school of business is just doing perfect. Met business students from all over Canada, Sauder students rock. Keep it up guys..
(in reply to: UBC)
now all they need are jobs
Sallaries (in reply to: UBC)
What are the average sallaries after you finish ubc uni with bachelor degree?
I hear sallaries are quite low for the beginning? True? False? Thanks!

Tommy Sinn
(in reply to: UBC)
bachelors? Or do you mean MBA? Good luck finding a job with only a bachelors!!!
UBC's MBA (in reply to: UBC)
UBC has a good reputation and Sauder isn´t a bad b-school. However, for those who wants to have a high possiblity to get a good job in Canada. It´s better to go the the eastern universities. Vancouver has the highest unemployment rate in canada and what´s is close to Vancouver? U of T, Mcgill, Western Ontario are better choices.

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