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Subject: Uni help- urgent!

I´ve applied to around 9 unis in Canada, they are:

U of Ottawa
U of Waterloo
U of T
Queen´s University

I want to study Business with an Accounting major. I would like to know from any experienced person who´s been studying in Canada about which of these unis I should consider joining if I get accepted.
I´d really appreciate it if you could rank these unis from Excellent to the Worst and also any personal suggestions regarding the Business programs in each of these unis.

Thanks so much! :))

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For accounting Waterloo is the best. For Business, it´s Queens, UofT, UWO and York.
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Well, an instructor of mine at college told me that U of T has a good location and stuff but educationwise, it´s not such a good option. Also, between UWO, York, UBC, Queen´s and U of T, which one would be the best option for Accounting and Finance as well as for the overall experience (rez, education, atmosphere, affordability etc.)?
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Schulic at YorkU is one of the best not only in Canada but in North America as well. Somewhere I saw a list of well known people who attended MBA at schulic - you would be surprised. If I find the list I will post it here. If you find it feel free to do the same.

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Well, yep, seems like York is one the best ones.
As an undergrad BBA freshman student, what should I expect from York?

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At York, especailly in schulich, it is very competitive. There are some people that dont even share notes and are very sly.
However, not everyone is like that.
There is a great rez life(especially Calumet,Vanier) and alot of pubbing. Yorkfest and Grassfest are just some of the many events York has for the students. It is great fun.

Another thing about York U is that you need to get prepared for a well-dressed and well-heeled student body. Although there is a plethora of cultures and international students on campus, the dress code is very preppy and stylish.

I have yet to adapt to the last part.

Jordan V
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Thanks so much !:)
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So true.
I go to Western but my brother goes to York and when I visited the York campus, It was amaing to see how these students are so competitive and how they were dressed. Every girl had a vuitton, prada or gucci bag and alot of ginos/ginas.

I met my brother in between his classes from the lecture halls and all his friends went to the student mall to eat and shop. It is a nice life at York.

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Hi Nicole,

Since you´re a Western student, I thought I might ask you about life in Western. Is it really what it´s made out to be? I mean, like the campus, the atmosphere, the education etc. I´ve heard that Western is the best for Business, is that true?

A friend of mine joined Western this year and she says it´s a nice place, very competitive. But, when I researched the uni thru a lot of pages and websites, some of them said that Western´s not so good. This has gotten me wondering now. What do you have to say about Western´s Business program (Administrative and Commercial Studies-Finance and Administration)? Also, on-campus housing seems really expensive at UWO.

I would like to know which is the best school for Business and overall educational and social experience.


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Western is really a decednt school whatever ppl say of it.
I am in ACS as well and hoping to get into Ivey next year.
It is a good program but honestly some profs are really bad. But I guess that is in all schools right?
The campus is beautiful and there is a great social scene in rez. I am in my second year at elgin.

It is great but io say for biz i will check other uni´s like york and queens.

But Western i have no major regrets.

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Hey Nicole, what about any uni´s out of Ontario province?
It seems that all people ever talk about Canadian uni´s is only the ´stellar universities´ (places like Western, UofT, York, Queens and McGill). I want to know about Dalhousie, St. FX and possibly Uni of Victoria. I know they are ranked good on Macleans but i dont take on those rankings. I want students´ opinions and info on the academics there.

Thanks so much, and I look foward to your reply.

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I am applying to go to university for the fall 05 semester to study international relations and human resource management.
I am from a small town in New Brunswick so I will preferably like to go to a university in Ontario. So far, my average is really good ( I have a 92) and my academic advisor in my highschool told me with my grades that I should apply to McGill, Queens, York, UofT and Waterloo in Ontario.

Which one of these are the best? An honest answer and I will also like to be in a small distance from a big city.

I know all the university´s i named are great in academics but I want to know if they are really worth their reputation in terms of campus life. Also, which university will give me a scholarship for my grades?

I will love to hear any comments. Thankyou so very much.

Anna Hollerith


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