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Subject: Career prospects regarding certain programs
I would like to know about the career prospects of each of the following programs offered at the various unis:

1)York(Schulich) - BBA

2)The B.Com offered by Queen´s(Acccounting Major), McGill(Accounting major), U of T(Accounting major),
UBC(Sauder)(Accounting major),Carleton(Accounting), U of Ottawa(Finance major).

3)The B. Accounting and Financial Management program offered by Waterloo.

4)The ACS- Finance and Admi offered by Western

I would like to pursue Chartered Accountancy(CA) or a CPA from the USA.

Which of these programs will allow me to pursue the above post-grad programs?


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I can only speak for Schulich. 70% of the Schulich accounting majors will get a job from the big 4 accounting firm before they graduate. And the rest can easily get one from other smaller firms.

In Schulich, it uses 100% case analysis approach to teach students. Unlike other schools, it doesn´t spend much time (I am talking about 2 classes) in teaching data crunching. It is all about critical and strateigc thinking.

Getting a CA is a very short-turn prespective. You can go to any school and still get a CA. Many CAs are idiots (you will know 5 years from now). I could not remember well, but Schulich grads probably have the highest passing rate in CA test in Ontario.

What is more important is once you get into the firm, you are one big step ahead of rest of the people. You just think differently (in a positive way). The bottom line, it is a tough program, make sure you like it. Then you will be OK.


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