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Subject: Engineering at Mcgill?
I am thinking about applying to Mcgill (electrical engineering) but not sure what actually they want from student. I did my A-levels in England with AAB in Maths, Further Maths and Physics. In England, universities often state their normal offer for grades but Mcgill do not. Anyone here has an advice? Should I apply? Is engineering good at Mcgill? What are the average entry grades for engineering courses?

Cao Minh Duc
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McGill is more known for their art and social science..
for engineering you better off with the likes of Queens, UT, Waterloo. They are really good schools. You need minimum of mid 80 till low 90, to have a chance, those only works for Waterloo and Queens. Meanwhile, UT is less selective, since they have a big quota of student which needs to be filled, they tend to take somewhere around 70 % or even less. the odd is, you´ll wait till one month before the first day..since they´ll offer students with higher avg first.

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That´s totally untrue - McGill is far more known for its science programs than humanities/social sciences. It´s really about supply and demand - more top students want to go McGill over say York - but if you want to study poli sci for example York has a stronger dept.

As for electrical engineering, top 2 schools are Toronto and McMaster, but McGill is strong and if you want to live in Montreal you should go there.

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The Gourman Report put McGill #2 for engineering in Canada, and it´s among the best in North America. I can´t think of any "art/social science" at McGill that fares this well.
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To the annonymous 2nd poster - you´re crazy. Queens engineering is the one that requires 70´s to get in to. Both UT and Waterloo engineering are the most difficult to get in to! You need mid 80´s to be considered for both, and the MOST SELECTIVE program in CANADA is eng sci @ UofT... you need mid 90´s to be considered. Do some research first.
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You do not need mid 90s to get into University of Toronto. Maybe you need that if you come from the ontario high school system where students leave high school with trigonometry. If you low 80s in Cegep (quebec system), and you have good marks in Calculus 2 and linear algebra, you will make it easy.

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Ut is the most selective of all. Now days u need mid 90s to be considered for the engineerinf program.
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It goes like this:

High 70´s should get you in to Queens engineering. Low to Mid 80´s will get you in to McGill engineering. High 80´s will get you in to some of Toronto and Waterloo´s engineering schools (not UofT´s electrical eng). Mid 90´s for UofT´s eng sci and waterloo´s systems engineering.

The ontario universities application centre publishes cut-offs for each program, you might want to take a look at them. Most of the people on this board don´t know what they are talking about... make sure you look at actual facts for yourself.

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Ok, I´m going into my third year of engineering science at the university of toronto. In terms of the best schools in canada for engineering, U of T is probably the best overall, but waterloo is the best for computer/electrical/software engineering. Also, U of T and Waterloo are the hardest to get into (I got into them, but it was harder to get into waterloo). Waterloo, for the 3 programs I mentioned require at least a 92 average or so(my friend with 93 got rejected from soft. eng). For U of T OR Waterloo you can get into engineering with high 80´s if you go into chemical/mechanical or something like that. For engineering science or the top waterloo eng programs, you need low to mid 90´s at least (and they care about other stuff how good your statement of purpose is for waterloo, u of t is more marks oriented). I hate when people start talking about schools when 90% of the responses come from people who dont even go to any of the schools we´re talking about. McGill is a great school, and is known for humanities/social sciences/sciences and engineering, but U of T and Waterloo are undeniably the most reputable schools for engineering in Canada, period.
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Wow, whoever said McMaster has the best engineering program obviously has no clue what they´re talking about. I am a computer engienering student at Waterloo and I can tell you this. U of T engineering science is probably the hardest to get into of all engienering programs in Canada. Actually, most people I know in my program got accepted into EngSci too, but they decided not to go b/c 1) Super hard, they love to kick ppl out of EngSci and put them into normal U of T engineering programs 2) Co-op at Waterloo helps pay of school + gives u real-life experience 3) Waterloo is much more generous in terms of keeping people if they screw up. Now, I´ve no idea what´s going on with the System Design guys @ Waterloo. They´re the outcast and do a little bit of everything, sorta like U of T (both academic and maybe even admission). As for E&CE. I (and most of my friends from high school/UW) chose COMPE @ UW b/c its just better than U of T in terms of repetition. Nuff said. Other engineering programs (civil/mach/chem)? U of T & UW are probably equal, and in general both eng faculties are awesome too. Queen´s. Also a great engienering school, I´d say it comes in 3rd in Ontario engienering schools. Then there´s finally McMaster, a pretty good engienering school with less selective requirements.

McGill. They´re great overall in Canada (just like UBC and U of T), but I don´t live in Quebec, so I don´t really know.

Waterloo is more of a tech school, its good for specific things like math (probably the best in n. america), engineering, architecture, Chartered Accountacy (not to be confused with AFM/business)

U of T, known for having sad students and unhealthy competitiveness. Faculties treat their students as numbers. Vs. Waterloo my profs take the time to know you (esp if u go up to them). One reason why I never wanted to go to U of T. Life would suck big time there. All I can say is, if you consider E&CE, go for UW. Its a great department.

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I am a western Canadian student at a competitive high school in western Canada. I am looking at both Waterloo and U of T, along with some a few top American programs. The American programs (MIT and UC Berkeley) have very strong departments, but are also very expensive for out of state,(around 50 000 a year). I was wondering (for an undergrad) is it worth it to go to an American uni for an undergrad, or save the 30 000 a year or so, by going to Waterloo or U of T. I am looking at doin aerospace engineering (covered under U of T eng sci).
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i was just googling "engineering science University of Toronto" and came across this site..

ya...engsci drop-outs...i know a lot of ppl who already dropped out, and i am struggling too ... big times... T_T


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