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Subject: chemical engineering ( please reply)
Can anybody has an idea that in which university among U of T, UWO, Ryerson and Mcmaster, chemical engineering degree is better and easy? Is Ryerson good university to study chemical engineering?
U. Khan

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chem eng is never easy...but out of the school you listed, go with´s not as good as the others...or you may consider carleton uni. however, to have a better chance of getting job after graduation, better go with top schools like UT, McGill, Queens, McMaster or even UWO. it´s tit for tat.
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there is no such things as better and easier...
it´s either work hard to be at a good school or you can slack off and still do good at a less good one.... you want easier, go with ryerson... you want better, go with the rest, and you forget one uni which is really good at chem, queens u.


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