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Subject: Study at queens
I am a student at edinburgh in scotland and have just been offered a year at queens in Kingston. Thing is i have no idea what the uni is like apart from the nonsense they have on the website. I was hoping that i could get some student input especially regarding nightlife, sports and workload.
can anyone help?

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Queens has excellent night life, oh baby...

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Queen is a good university but the city in which it is located is not good. so better try some other university.

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why is the city not so good?
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Very well said!

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I am getting to study in the Queens. I tink it would be good. Many peeps tell me that queens is for only rich white kids but I wnet to vist the school and it have alot of diferent kins of peeps.

The school look nice too, not like the other schools i visit already and they have a good academics and teachers.

I am a black student coming from Ottawa and i know real peeps who study there and say it have a decent diversity level. Dont bash the school, it not as diverse as the universities in the bug cities but it have plenty otherr things going for it like academics and they have plenty new building being built.

Damian Bernard
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It honestly depends on what you´re looking for. Queens is located in Kingston, which is about 3hrs from toronto or a few from Montreal. Kingston itself isn´t that big (about 100,000 people) so if you´re really into partying & nightlife this probably isn´t the place. It definitely doesn´t have the number of bars you would find in Edinburgh. However, there are a quite a few good bars here, so unless you need to go out drinking to a different place every night it doesn´t make a difference. The campus itself is located on the lake, and it is gorgeous, its nice to actually have a campus compared to U of T which is completely downtown. The other nice thing is that the campus and surrounding area has a ´safe´ feeling to it. If you´re an international student you´ll probably be offered residence at West campus, which is about 5 minute walk from the main campus with regular bus service if you don´t feel like walking. West campus also has its own education library and gym facilities if you´re into that. You didn´t mention which program you were offered, or I could tell you more about the buildings / classes. I´m studying at Queens now.

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