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What is the best school for undergrad business
Ivey, Schulich, Queen´s, Mcgill...are they all the same...does it matter

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Among some of the top schools for business in no particular order Waterloo, McMaster, Wilfrid Laurier, Guelph Humber and also University of Toronto in Scarborough, I have applied for them on my applications and the cut off marks are from high 70s up
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To the post above:
Those have to be the worse business schools that you can possible name in Canada. It is so funny that you convinced yourself that they are actually good.

And as for going to Guelph and (UofT) Scarbrough University, good luck to a very ´happening´ life. I have been to both uni´s abd they blow.....so boring.
C´mon, it is your university career, dont you want to be diverse, and explore your horizons?

Good luck.
Consider this lecture No. 1 from you Business School Friend.


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