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Subject: Best for mechanical engineering
So im applying to waterloo, UoFT, Mcmaster, Queens, Ryerson(before you laugh, its a back up). Which is best for mechanical engineering
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One of the best schools for mechanical engineering in ontario is university of windsor, uwaterloo.Among the schools you have applied for admission queens and u of T are better than mcmaster and ryerson.In mcmaster the first year is common for all engineering branches which means that all prospective engineers study same subjects for in first year.If you get admission in mcmaster then you can only get admission to mechanical engineeering if you get very good marks in first year at mcmaster.This is the main flaw at so called "prestigoius" institiue in ontario.All first year students study the same grade 12 physics instead of courses related to the engineering.
In u of T first year is not common but its main flaw is that a student must complete required hours of work related to engineering in order to graduate.It is also very expensive.
Queens university is also a good institue for engineering. ryerson is not very popular but its curriclum is very good better than mcmaster but yiu can still get good job if you graduate from ryerson.
Uottawa and uwaterloo are better than mcmaster and utoronto .take admsiion in any except mcmaster.

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Don´t listen to this kid. He listed Windsor and Ottawa as top Eng. schools. Mac Eng 1 is extremely difficult, not Grade 12 physics. We´re the only school that actually admits to having a common first year program. Don´t be fooled, I know alot of people in UofT, Waterloo, and Queen´s who are appareantly in ther program, yet they take courses with other Engineers of different specialities.

If you´re serious about Mech. Eng, UofT and Mac should be you´re only choices. The Gourman Report lists McMaster as the #1 Mechanical Eng. school in Canada, I believe #6 in North America. We´re talking about being in the same league as MIT and UofBoston here. We have the best mech eng facilities due to the fact that the dean of Engineering is a Mechanical Engineer, and he´s extremely focused on the speciality.

If you´re thinking about any other type of engineering, I´m not going to lie, UofT is the best. Go there if you want to do Civil or Chem. Go to Waterloo for ANYTHING to do with computers, software, and programing (and don´t believe the hype, they´re garbage in everything else). Come to Mac of you´re serious about Mech, and if you don´t mind the city, our other specialities are pretty good too (#2 in almost everything other than mech.)

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Waterloo is generally best for computer engineering, and decent for other disciplines. UofT is good or in some cases best, for just about all engineering disciplines. McMaster is decent...but not great. For mechanical engineering, I would probably go to UofT, or Waterloo.
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If McMaster has the best mechanical engineering program, why is their Formula SAE team such garbage? Formula SAE teams all across Ontario are made up of almost entirely just mechanical engineers, and Mac can´t even get a car together for the competition.

Just sayin.. U of T and Waterloo have strong teams.. must be an indicator that their students can actually apply what they learn.

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Watch out for UOIT (University of Ontario Institute of Technology) in a few years. We´re just starting up (admitted our third year of students in 2005) but we will be the top engineering school in Canada, the MIT of the north. We are a science/technology/engineering school blending the best of past convention with new practices and for fostering critical thinking, creativity, innovation, originality and excellence.
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Ryerson University program is like McMaster´s, all engineering is together 1st year.

Ryerson engs have 6 courses per semester while UT has just 5 courses/semester. It is hard at Ryerson; physics is a killer, there are 2 physics 1st semester and 1 physics in 2nd semester very hard. Also Calculus and linear algebra.

Electric circuits in 2nd semester has a lab which is very hard, and Dynamics-Physics course will make you to repeat it, almost imposiblle to pass it.

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The Formula SAE teams performance is based on FUNDING you idiot.
Why do you think American Universities do so well in their solar car races?
They have budgets in the millions, literally.

McMaster is great for engineering. Loo is great too. Uft is also great.
For Mech Eng I suggest UfT.
Only go to ´loo if you want Co-op. that is the only thing they are known for.

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I have to admit that UofT, Waterloo are all great engineering schools. However Queen´s Engineering should not be forgotten. We have one of the oldest and most successful Enginering Faculties in Canada. If anyone wants to study engineering in Canada they should apply to Waterloo, UofT and Queen´s. Queen´s also has a common first year with a lot theoretical courses. However unlike other universities we have 2 design courses (one for each term) which give us a real life experience of what an engineer actually does out in the real world. Also we have the highest retainancy average of all other universities(unless you fail a course 4 times in a row). Therefore our application process if much more rigorous than any other engineering school. When you manage to get into Queen´s you graduate for sure. Job Oppurtunities for a Queen´s Engineering Graduate are higher than for a UofT graduate and for some disciplines better than Waterloo. For Mechanical Engineering Queen´s is highly recommended because we have amazing buildings and courses for Mechanical Engineering. A Mechanical Engineering Graduate can surely get a job within weeks of graduating (and if you have been a part of an engineering team such as Formula SAE or Solar Car etc., your chances of getting a job or going into graduate school are lot more better). So please consider Queen´s for Engineering we are arguably one of Canada´s leading Engineering Schools.
Queen's (Sci'09)
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Ok, so Waterloo, UofT, McMasters, and Queens is good for Mechanical Engineering but what about McGill? Isn´t Mcgill supposed to be really good for Engineering too? Please someone tell me it is coz I applied to McGill for Mech. Eng.! And also hows University of British Columbia?
Mohammed Marzuk Kabir
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I would say that for mechanical engineering keep your choices limited to two. Waterloo or UFT. some kid here commented about millions on the SAE car... dude, are you out of your mind?? the budget is HARDLY a few hundered thousand a year. Waterloo has the world record for their solar car (it beat an official record by an australian university and an unofficial record by queens). UFT is known all over the world but Waterloo is known more specifically in the americas.

I would say that if your focus is getting a PHD in mech eng, go to UFT. but if you want a SOLID degree (BSc) and want employers running after you left right and centre... Waterloo is the place to go.

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Hi guys,

right now i live in barrie, just one hour of toronto. I?ve applied to both ottawa U ( mech eng) and carelton (aerosp. eng) and i was just wondering which university would be considered "the best"

(I?ll be sending a letter to carelton be considered for the mech eng. program (in case i dont get in the carlton program)

i hope to hear from you later,
you guys seem to know what your talking about.

ps: im only considering Ottawa U and carelton because my mom lives there and shell only pay for my uni if she doesnt have to pay for room and board, guess i wont b livin in dorms jus like in the movies :( lol.


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