Ryerson University...Future Engineers, stay away.

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Subject: Ryerson University...Future Engineers, stay away.
Yes. I am telling you now don´t go there.
Bad mistake on my part to go there but it was that or nothing. Should be only considered as LAST choice.

Reasons for my extreme dislike of this "establishment":
1. Timetable Issues
You get your timetable made, you don´t get to pick at all. Your stuck with what you get. They have a dynamic system for viewing grades/timetables "Rows". On this site, there is a button to switch/add/drop. Forget that button most courses it doesn´t work. You try to change your timetable (Especially if your in engineering) they´ll ignore you and tell you go to away because you need special permission.
It shouldn´t even be necessary since the course has space in it. If it was full its a different story, but its not, its completely open and they just tell you "NO". Well heres your chance say NO to Ryerson.!

2. The classrooms are a mess.
I´ve had my share of classrooms of different buildings. Being in engineering my self our courses are located all over. If your unlucky enough to get the dreaded POD060 Room, which in my opinion is the worst piece of crap ever, I advise you to either go to another class (if you actually came to Ryerson). It is UGLY. Also, for some courses you might go to the Cinema, no not to watch movies but actually get lectures there. Seriously though, that place is bad. Chairs are crap, can´t see anything. Its a fricking theatre, not a lecture hall. To top it off Bad lighting and lack of tables, enough said.

3. Professors who don´t speak proper english.
There are SO many professors who cannot speak proper english while lecturing. It is pointless to even go anymore. Some of our professors are really good but most of them just plain suck. While there are some professors who speak english well enough to understand, others are just completely unaware of the english language. Its like hearing the language being slaughtered everyday when you go to class. You´ll have trouble finding 1 professor that won´t jumble things up so much that you just end up skipping all the classes and reading the text book.

4. RyeSac
The schools student administrative council. They do a pretty good job, then you read the executive members get free housing and guess what, your paying for it. Yes thats right, YOU are paying for someone elses residence. They say its so that people can contact them easier. Like that ever is true, sure they are around, but why the hell can´t they just have office hours. Like they really need to live on residence at your expense.

Thats all I can think of for now, if you do choose to come here, do so at your own discretion.

Ryerson Student

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